Again and Again and Again

It wasn’t my first time to see this movie. I remembered seeing it at a friend’s house and never being able to finish it. Downloading the movie was futile too since I couldn’t remember the title. From then on it passed from memory. During our first session, when I found out we were watching this movie, “Triangle”, I thought it was going to be about shipwrecked sailors, trapped on a deserted island, doomed to be devoured by zombie pirates. As it went on, however, I began to recognize familiar scenes. I could totally empathize with Jess when she said she felt like she’s “been there before” when they first stepped into the eerie ship. Like her, I too felt like it wasn’t my first time being on the Aeolus. It was like meeting an old friend and I was glad to finally have the opportunity to finish the movie and to have my many questions answered.

I guess you could say that at that point, I too was having my own “Triangle” moment. Just like Jess, I too was stepping into familiar rooms, looking at the faces of familiar people, witnessing familiar horrors. I was just really happy to be on this side of the screen and I could not, for the life of me, imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, especially Jess when she finally realizes that the masked murderer was no other than herself.

And that is truly horrifying isn’t it? I mean, it’s scary enough to find one’s self being chased around by a deranged murderer. What more if one finally discovers that that murderer is himself? Add to that the fact that the cycle seems to go on and on and on. There is also the fact of having to kill one’s friends and to witness them die at one’s hands again and again and again. I cannot possibly imagine such a scenario in my head. The very thought is horrifying to me at so many levels.

With all that being said, we could already conclude that this is indeed a horror story. But I think there is more to the horror that transcends way beyond the murder scenes and the ideas of being murdered by one’s self over and over again. The true horror lies in the loss of real genuine freedom. It is as if Jess was exercising her free will in trying to change her fate and of her friends by trying to, at least in her mind, break free of the cycle. But we, the audience know that all her decisions are futile, that it did not matter what she did. She will always end up at one part of the story wether it be on the yacht, the luxury liner, washed ashore, in her house, in the car about to drive into an accident or on the brink of whacking herself to death.

As human beings, we boast our independence, our reason and our free will as the pillars of our humanity. This is what makes us superior to other creatures, what makes us truly human. Is it not true horror to find all of these things taken away from us? What is more horrifying to a human being than to find himself no longer human?


2 thoughts on “Again and Again and Again

  1. I agree with how you said that what was scary about it was the cycle and that it kept going on and on. I mean even after the movie, I imagined she’d be forever trapped in her predicament and that’s just really terrifying, that there’s definitely no way out! Can you just imagine killing yourself and other people for the rest of your life? That’s what puts the horror in this movie. haha.

  2. I like how you emphasized that the true horror indeed was the loss of genuine freedom. How could Jess’s every move have lead to her inescapable reality? I agree that human beings boast their independence, particularly with the rise of humanism. The loss of this in the movie made the story more chilling, especially since the cycle never ends. Hope this never happens in real life! haha

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