Effect of the Bermuda Triangle…

It was my very first time to watch a horror film done at an old cruise ship. The film was kind of a suspense thriller type where there are scenes that were shocking to me rather than frightening. I had a hint at the start of thinking that the movie was about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle that is considered to be an Urban Legend because of the signage that showed “Sunshine State. Goodbye. Please return.”  at the beginning where Jess drove her car with her son to go to the harbor. Sunshine state is Florida and Bermuda Triangle is said to be near that state so I got into a conclusion that either they will get stuck into an island or the sea will eat them and be at the other dimension or they will get lost like Amelia Earhart because that was usually the myth of the Bermuda Triangle all about—where a number of vessels and aircraft have said to disappear under mysterious incidents. Like the movie I guess it was due to the Bermuda Triangle that they passed through it and that’s why mysterious things happened to them -the repetition of events over and over again. But further watching the movie, it was kind of strange for me that I thought when she knew that same things were happening, she was about to solve the problem and change the course of time but it was all part of the vicious cycle that she and her friends had been trapped for so long. I can feel her being scared of events repeating and as if she can’t help to solve her problem or can’t even get out of it. And every time that something repeats, and suddenly something gets changed or is out of course, it was frightening. I saw it in her that I knew that she already knows all the events to avoid them but when something comes up, she gets scared to face it. She knew that the only way to go back was to prevent them from boarding the ship but it turned out to be her killing the others who board the ship for a cause. And the reason behind it was her son. At the end, after I knew that it was at the very start of the movie she end up going and repeating the same event was because of the very sole purpose of saving her son from an accident. It was her “the original Jess” that is doing the cycle over and over again, the one who kills the Jess at the house and goes to the harbor and the one who gets out of the water and again and again. She had faith that she can save her son by boarding again the ship. By going to the ship once more, she can see her son again at the start. But at the time she enters the ship, there’s something wrong with her happening that she gets out of her head and showed her being a psycho. That is why she was very exhausted and when she talked to Greg for the first time she was telling that she was sorry. My conclusion to that is she knew what was happening and she’s sorry that she cannot make things right because she gets crazy when at the ship. I guess what the movie is trying to tell us is that no matter what we do, we cannot change the past and no matter how much we try and do other things to resolve the past is we still end up at the same thing. That past is past and nothing or no one can turn back the time. All we have to do is move forward and learn from the past.


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