Triangle. Triangle. Triangle.

As a follower of the horror movie genre, this was not the first time I’ve watched this film. My friends and I would regularly watch horror movies in the cinemas or in their houses. This movie was different from other movies we’ve watched. Unlike the other movies we watched which had other aspects that made it frightening such as paranormal presence or the typical “killer-on-the-loose” scenario, what made this movie pass as a horror movie was that it was psychologically disturbing.

The movie revolves around the story of a girl who sets sailing with her friends and then suddenly gets caught up in an electromagnetic storm which comes up from the middle of nowhere. They manage to survive the storm and seek shelter in an abandoned ship known as the Aelous. Shortly after they embarked on the ship, they start wondering why no one was aboard.The first part of the film shows the group exploring the ship to look for other passengers. To their dismay, they were unable to find anyone and then strange things suddenly start happening to them after they split up. Things start to get interesting when Jess’ friends start to get killed one by one by a masked killer.  Jess starts looking for her friends and eventually finds them. The movie gets more interesting when Jess starts to wonder why her friends are mad at her. She later finds out that “she” was killing her friends one by one. Later in the movie she realizes that she’s stuck on a time loop and that her past self was killing everyone who boards the ship so that it would be able to change the events that was happening in order for her escape. Despite what she does, the events keep on haunting her because time keeps on repeating itself and she encounters all the scenarios she had dealt with over and over again. Later it is revealed that she is stuck on a time-loop and that there was nothing that she could do about it despite whatever she did.

Upon watching this movie the 2nd time around, I had some insights that made this movie very relatable to me. A realization I had was that I had nothing else to fear than time itself. Our time in this world is finite and we continue to gain experiences but in some instances, why do some new situations feel like that it has already happened before? I share the same sentiments with the protagonist of the movie because there were times when I thought of acting differently to produce something different but then it always ends up with the same outcome.   Odd as it may seem, another insight I gained from the movie was that it could be a narration of the possible scenario that was happening in an area in the western hemisphere. There are a lot of unsolved mysteries that are happening at sea particularly in the “Bermuda Triangle” area off the coast of Florida. Ships and planes have been mysteriously disappearing after they passed by the area and these mysteries continue to be unsolved despite the significant advancement of science and technology. I always look at things with an open-mind, and there are things that we as humans, just cannot explain.  I really enjoyed this movie because aside from the “thrill factor” it has, it has made me realize the value and importance of time itself.

Attached is a movie analysis of Triangle which makes you look at the movie from a different perspective.

TRIANGLE EXPLAINED (via Childlogiclabs)


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