Horror: Triangle

Hi! Perhaps I abuse the word love when I say I LOVE HORROR. I haven’t seen a balikbayan box full of Horror films in my entire life but I can sincerely express my deepest interest in the genre or the “emotion” that is horror, which can be seen and heard in my shouting and bursting of cuss phrases during a film viewing session.

It was always general knowledge to me that Horror was a genre despite it not behaving similarly to the others. I learned recently that people say it is an emotion. But what happens if I don’t feel scared of something that others feel scared of? I personally think that Horror as an emotion is a bit skewed for me now since this Horror Film class has just begun. In a website called learnaboutmovieposters.com, it lists Horror as one of the movie genres. I came across blogs expressing their concern about Horror not being a genre. I understand, however, that it is difficult to categorize films and books according to their genre due to the fact that they could have bits and pieces of many. There are those obviously romantic comedy ones, and then there are those movies like Taken that’s said to be Action but give off scenes that make me scared out of my wits. Does that mean it goes under Horror as well? I’m beginning to understand what this fuss is all about.

In the centuries that have passed, horror has leveled up from the literal monsters to the psychological games and finally to actual reality that contains ghastly stories itself. The movie Triangle places itself under Psychological Horror and The Fantastic according to my understanding of the Streams of Horror.


Jess is the “monster” in the form of a human being who represents aspects of our own selves, but at the same time, the story itself is something I am not able to unravel after being exposed to it last Tuesday. If I had seen it outside of class, I wouldn’t even have categorized it as a Horror Film, which makes wonder now what other characteristics make a film Horror. I suppose it is that haunting and daunting feeling I now have from Jess’ horrific experience being caught in that triangle of a life. (Unnecessary comment: I’m also still bothered by her not ever being able to close her mouth throughout the movie) If that’s the case, though, is Inception a Horror film? Looking at the two, people die, people are trapped in a world, both are fictional, it begins and ends with pretty much the same scene, and there’s a single character that’s a bit crazy. Now there are many questions popping in my mind.

From the preliminary readings that I was able to browse through, I noticed the term “aesthetic” pop up several times. According to my laptop’s definition it is “a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.” Horror seems to be just that. It has its own set of features that make it Horror. At the end of it all, it’s easier for the general public to know Horror as a genre since it is already widespread in the newspaper, websites, etc. Where else wouldParanormal ActivityInsidious, and The Shining fall under? Of course as a student, my thoughts regarding this are still subject to change throughout this semester.


One thought on “Horror: Triangle

  1. (Unnecessary comment: I’m also still bothered by her not ever being able to close her mouth throughout the movie) — ditto! I think if she were capable of closing her mouth every once in a while I would have given the movie a 9.5/10 as opposed to just a 9/10. (090110)

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