The Triangles Of Hell


 The beginning of Triangle already made me suspect that it was not the typical horror movie, there was just something about the intro with the eerie music and the angle of which the camera was positioned that made me feel like i was about to get disturbed.

 It began by showing us snippets of Jess’s life, which was obviously problematic, she was jumpy, she seemed to be always sweating profusely and when she was shown to be comforting her son, it looked like she needed comforting herself.

 The slow beginning of not having any idea where the story was leading to became to take shape when the yacht appeared. They’re about to get lost at Sea, i thought. And i was right, but not really. When the expected capsize of the boat happened and a mysterious looking ship that screamed ‘DO NOT BOARD ME’ appeared out of nowhere, the characters thought their lives were saved but as in any horror movie, we all knew they were entering their funerals.

 From getting lost at sea, they got themselves lost in one giant nightmare. Weird things start to happen and Jess is having an extreme case of Deja Vu, this has happened before, but only to her. When they discover a shooter on board and everyone dies except Jess, of course, she tries to be the hero but the problem was that the villain was none other than herself.

 Jess is in the ship, Jess sees herself and her dead friends alive again, she has no idea what is going on, she’s the shooter, she’s the hero, cue her confused face. This is her nightmare, and she is reliving it over and over again. The more she tries to save herself and her friends, the faster they die, and they die painfully, in loop.

 But all she wants to do is get home to her son, who needs her.

 When the perspective of the camera was shifted to the Jess that gets thrown overboard (by Jess), she gets washed to shore and is able to get back home. Unsurprisingly, in her home, is another Jess, abusing her son,

 We’re back to the first scene of the movie but in the eyes of a different Jess. The loop had already begun before she even boarded the ship.

 Triangle left me confused, like some other psychological horror movies,  I was left disturbed because of the unsettling ending. I’m sure people have different interpretations about it but in my point of view, she was stuck in not only her nightmare but also, in her own personal “Triangle” of hell. She was already dead, if not literally maybe figuratively, and she wanted to escape her fate but as it is her fate, she couldn’t run away from it. She was constantly referred to as a schizophrenic by one of her ‘friends’ which was clearly of valid reason.

Maybe it was entitled Triangle because it wasn’t your typical circle of hell, it was especially customized for what she fears the most, which was nothing and no one but herself. Or maybe, Triangle because of the Bermuda Triangle that everyone knows of but really is still a mystery. And finally, maybe i’m over analyzing things and it was simply named after the yacht that Jess and her friends took to their death. These are just some of the things the movie kept me thinking about.


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