Horror Film 1: Triangle of Doom

The film, Triangle, is one of those films that truly mess with your mind while you dwell in a state of terror and hope that things would turn for the better.

The movie sets the mood by opening with scenes depicting our heroine as a single mother who cares a lot for her only child. This really catches one of guard as the opening plus the title provides no clue as what could make the film a horror movie. Getting to the boat scene, I still wondered, what could go wrong on a boat which could lead to a terrifying setting. The sudden storm didn’t quite throw me off, since the sea is quite terrifying when its raging, but it was the distress signal which clicked the scare button on me. Where would that come from? After the rage of the storm, we have our characters board a ship, which looks eerily abandoned. The arrival of the ship got me buckled up for the worst since a massive plot device for something grand has appeared. The beginning of the ship scenes was where I would keep my guard high from cheap scares since I thought the scares would be supernatural because of the eerie feel from the ship. But it turns out the supernatural factor was more of a brain teaser than I expected. As things go nuts on the ship, our characters die off from some masked figure which our heroine dispatches with action star moves, I thought “What now?” Then the movie’s secret weapon came tumbling into the fray. As things start and go bananas a second time around, the events get stranger and more disturbing. We find out that the events transpiring on the ship have been looping far beyond the film time span. We slowly watch as our heroine try to change the pattern of death and turmoil but all is futile as in the third loop, we find our heoine filling the shoes of the masked figure from the beginning. I found the most terrifying moments of the film to be her slow descent into the killer because I was rooting for her to actually be the one who stops the so called “triangle”. In the end, our heroine relives the first scenes of the ship as the killer and we have another copy of the heroine as the oblivious survivor. She falls down to her apparent death from the deck of the ship as she gets the same treatment she gave to the masked figure that she confronted. As the final moments of the movie unfold I thought this could be a happy ending after all. But as soon as she reaches the houses, the opening scenes of the movie play out and as the final minutes of the movie expires, we were greeted with the horrifying nature of the film. That she is still caught up in the endless loop.

Having watched the film, I would say it was truly a horror film as it takes a jab at me feeling scared and terrified with the execution and performances shown throughout the movie. Especially the starting scenes of the abandoned ship, I was cringing at the fact that I knew they were not alone but I didn’t know what was there with them, lurking the corridors of the ship. I would say that from an effect-based perspective as the quote says “horror is that which makes you experience horror”. The movie was classified as a psychological horror film in a couple of websites and I would say it truly lives up to that category. The source of fear in the movie lies in the spiraling descent of our heroine’s mind which lead to the events that transpire in the movie. I would also say that there is a supernatural component to the movie as one of the streams of horror describes as The fantastic because there is also fear which lies in what we do not know. For the first parts of the ship scenes this applies but as we get to the latter part of the film things are no longer unknown.


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