Being the very first horror film to be shown in class, I was expecting the movie Triangle to be your typical horror film wherein the characters encounter supernatural creatures. Triangle started out with a scene showing Jess comforting her son who seemed to have seen something frightening. A few moments later, she hears her doorbell ring, and upon checking it out, she discovers that no one actually rang the doorbell. The beginning of Triangle led me to think that the film would actually be about a ghost haunting, making me firmly believe that it was just a stereotypical horror film. Throughout the first part of the movie, I was trying to predict when this “ghost” would appear. As the film characters were walking around the abandoned ship, I was trying to anticipate the appearance of the “ghost” to somehow reduce the feeling of fear and horror the moment that it would actually appear. I was quite surprised when the “ghost” was just a masked person. I started to think that the film would be more of a gore horror film rather than a scary horror film wherein a masked person would simply kill everyone on the ship. When Jess was able to push the masked person off the ship, I was left completely confused since the antagonist was defeated quickly and quite easily. After that, I did not know what to expect from the film anymore since the killer has been killed and the main character has survived. After a short moment, something unexpected happens; the scene wherein the four characters call for help is shown from the point of view of the ship. I found this scene absolutely creepy; and to make it even creepier, Jess was shown looking at herself from the ship. From this part of the film until the end, I felt horror especially when she returned right at the starting point of the film. Also, in the ship, Sisyphus, a person punished to carry a rock up a mountain only to have it roll back down, was mentioned, and in my opinion, it was the exact same ordeal that Jess was going through. It was really frightening to think of going through exactly the same suffering over and over again. The twist caught me completely off guard, leaving me with no knowledge of what to expect next from the film. Throughout the latter parts of the film, my heart was beating fast as had no thoughts to block the feeling of horror. It was mentioned in class that horror films focus more on emotion than plot. To truly enjoy a horror film, the viewers must allow the film to affect their emotion rather than to build a defense to block out the emotion of fear. At the middle part of the film, I had no defense to block fear out. I felt fear from the idea of being stuck in a loop with no chance of escape. Overall, I found the film to be really interesting and entertaining since it had an unexpected twist. It helped me gain a new understanding of the horror genre, that horror is more than just monsters jumping out from the dark.


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