Triangle: An Entrapment


A horror film intends to horrify. Horror per se is an emotion. Horror is a reaction the audience have towards particular situations. Triangle is defined by its recurring elements that signify entrapment to a particular experience and situation.  The movie has an eerie and creepy feeling. A common scene in horror films is when someone makes a wrong turn somewhere and everything else that happens is a consequence. There was the typical “happy” part of the movie as they went sailing in the bright blue waters.  This scene was followed by an unexpected turn of events when they were caught up by an odd weather event, a storm, that wrecked their yacht. They were later saved by an abandoned ship where the ordeal started to happen.


Triangle encapsulates the three major streams that feed horror: moral allegory, psychological horror, and fantastic. Firstly, Triangle is a good versus evil type of horror film because there is a conflict between light (hero) and dark (villain). There is a shifting sense of morality that involves a battle of good and evil as Jess saw a different version of herself. She was the villain and hero at the same time.  This involves the state of knowing and not knowing that depends on the point of view. Secondly, it is a psychological horror, which is a nonsupernatural horror. The monster in horror films can be natural or supernatural. In this case, the monster is a natural being. The story revolves around the point of view of the protagonist, Jess.  It is a story of dramatization of the deviation of the human psychology. The story was giving hints that Jess has a mental disorder characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking and behaviour. At the start of the movie, Victor said that something is wrong with Jess because she seemed distraught. Sally said that Jess was schizophrenic. Also, Greg said that this was all in her mind when Jess said that she recognized the ship and it was like a déjà vu.  Thirdly, the movie is also a fantastic or metaphysical horror since the nature of horror or source of the threat is unknown. The viewers are left hanging to the possible cause of this time-loop. It would have been better if the movie ended with Jess admitted in a mental facility just to satisfy the viewers’ craving for what caused everything. However, this open-endedness is a factor to what makes the movie more increasingly horrific.


Repetition is a reinforcement of sameness that can be scary if trapped in a “nightmare.” The central theme of Triangle is a sense of entrapment where the protagonist was unable to move as she falls back to the same situations over and over again signified by the multiple dead bodies of Sally, lockets, and notes. The repetition builds up the movie. The time loop was very evident towards the ending of the movie. Subtle hints became integral parts of the movie as the audience came to the resolution that everything was connected. At the start of the movie, flashes of Jess and her child was shown at the start of the without audio. It was followed by the scene where Jess went outside to see who rang the doorbell. The viewers then realized that the movie is a time-loop that repeats itself as Jess tries to prevent her son’s death.









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