True Horrors

I wasn’t expecting Cabin in the Woods to be what it was. When I first saw the previews of the movie, it showed plenty of blood and gore and I thought it was going to be another one of those slasher films. The difference perhaps was that the slashing and bashing in this particular film was going to happen, well, in a Cabin in the Woods.

Surprisingly though, I was totally not expecting a fruit bowl of monsters to come sprawling out of nowhere. Every kind of nightmare was present in this film. You have your zombies, your creepy Sadako-ish ghosts, ginormous reptiles, eerie mists and every other kind of monster one’s imagination could come up with.

If I were a younger boy, I would have chucked this movie out the window. If one nightmare wasn’t scary enough, what more if you had the Merman working side by side that creepy girl with a mouth for a face to scare you out of your pants? But as I grew older and more… mature (?) I have come to the elusive realizations that truly, there are no monsters in my closet; that the Boogeyman is nothing but a story used to manipulate my juvenile mind. So I guess you could say that after watching this film, yes, I was still very much capable of sleeping peacefully at night.

Looking more closely at this film however, one can come across a thought that could be truly disturbing. Notice how in the movie, there is this company that works like any other office. They have employees that come to work everyday, sipping a cup of coffee, making small talk, cracking green jokes here and there about a foxy new officemate, sharing future vacation plans, sitting in a desk, training interns, worrying about what to have for lunch. At first glance, it would seem like just any other office. But is it really like any other office?

Perhaps at its operational level, it does, but when one looks at the core of the company, what it’s really doing, one would come across a true horror. This office is not like any other office at all. Because unlike your ordinary firm, this one is in the business of killing, or rather, sacrificing people.

Sure, one can argue that they do what they do because they have to; because if they didn’t the world would be devoured by gods a million times our size. Sure, one could say too that what they are doing is justified and perhaps would go so far as to say that it was necessary. Take time however, to observe how they go about their business. They do so every so casually. They do so as if it were animals they were slaughtering. They do so as if they no longer put any mind into considering that it is the lives of people that they are manipulating and putting into their hands.

I don’t know about you, but to me that is a true horror. To find the most basic of human dignities toyed around like that is to me something that creeps me out. To witness just how aloof and indifferent the company workers are towards the work that they do. They bet on peoples lives, for crying out loud! They party with champagne and loud music while on their background is the scene of an innocent young girl being hurled around to her imminent death.

What makes this movie a true horror film is not in the plethora of monsters that it hurls at you. It’s not in the blitzkrieg of man-eating creatures that spew the guts of their pray towards the screen. It really is in the fact that the human mind could be capable of tolerating such inhumanity in the killing of another person. That such a deed could even be legitimized and deemed necessary sends chills up my spine.


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