A Cabin of Horrors

You would think from the title itself that The Cabin in the Woods would be just your typical horror/slasher movie, but then it unfolds before you and it turns out to be a mixture of horror, Hunger Games, even in some ways the Avengers. I love how it has this sort of tongue-in-cheek humor with itself, much like how the Scream series takes on cliche slasher movies, The Cabin in the Woods has that similar vibe, filled with cliches that would make you snicker and be amused more than scare the pants out of you.

Cliches are everywhere, from the setting ( a cabin, in the woods), to the characters, (you have the usual, jock, nerd, stoner, virgin, and the horny girl). Even if that is the case it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. When they were down in the basement tinkering with the ornaments and I learned that each ornament releases a different kind of monster, I found myself hoping that they would open some more, that more monsters would come out to terrify these teens who came to party in the deep, dark, woods. The moment wherein the two remaining survivors were in the elevator with all the monsters being shown, it filled me with awe. Once they all came out and all hell broke lose, the satisfaction was immense. Just seeing a killer clown, a unicorn, a werewolf, and a giant snake taking out people, was quite a visual pleasure.

Though it’s not as psychologically draining as Triangle, there are some similarities. We see how the main characters really don’t have a choice once they’re in the basement. Much like in Triangle, there’s a feeling wherein you feel like there’s no way out for these guys (highlighted by Chris Hemsworth’s ridiculous motorcycle death in the movie). A fear of the unknown, but in The Cabin in the Woods, the main characters though surrounded by the unknown, still went ahead to discover the answers for themselves.

Though in the end, I really didn’t feel for the giant hand pooping out from under the earth, it felt a little corny and for me, it would’ve been better to just let it fade to black and leave it to the imagination of the viewer. But then again, in a film where mermans, zombies, and ballerina monsters roam free, a giant hand of a God popping out from underground isn’t that farfetched. I feel that it’s not a movie to be taken too seriously, it’s more of a movie that pays homage to the genre, showing just how crazy and horrific it could be.It’s a great concept, and it also brings up a few thoughts in your head like what if you really don’t control your decisions, what if all the environmental factors are fixed in order for a certain decision to come about, it’s crazy and it resulted in a pretty fun movie. Come to think of it, of course from where we’re watching, it wouldn’t seem horrific, because of all the defenses that we’ve put up already, but imagining yourself in those scenarios with all those ghosts, and monsters running about, it is pretty horrifying.


One thought on “A Cabin of Horrors

  1. “I feel that it’s not a movie to be taken too seriously, it’s more of a movie that pays homage to the genre, showing just how crazy and horrific it could be.”

    Very well said. Because it in a way mocks the horror genre, we still cannot deny the fact that it indeed pays homage to how frightening it can be. It showed a different side of horror films wich i appreciated. (090110)

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