Escape the Fate?

Getting annoyed by the main character has been a typical reaction of mine whenever I watch horror movies. I always roll my eyes whenever the character enters a room alone or go to random adventures without telling their relatives or close friends. Watching Triangle was nothing different. I rolled my eyes and got annoyed at Jess, more so when she realizes that everything is happening all over again and she ends up doing the same things and landing in the same situations. But the ending of the movie made it all clear to me. Jess was trying to save herself and her son from death, but something kept her from getting what she wanted. That certain something is what we call life.

In our Philosophy 103 class, our professor discussed something about predestination being a hindrance to practicing our human freedom. I do believe that a higher being, may it be God or some other powerful being, has set out choices for people in different situations and that what is chosen will lead you to a certain path that will lead to other choices, and so on. We have the freedom to choose among the options, but we don’t really have control of the path we choose nor are we capable of changing the decisions we have made in the past. I guess that is what Triangle is really all about. Jess wanted to escape death, but the decisions she have made in the past have led her to death and there is no turning back. I believe in fate and how it works its way in life. Jess was trying to defeat fate and fate just answered back with a Macbeth quote, “…what’s done, is done.”

Going back to the earlier parts of the movie, the myth about Sisyphus escaping death was something that really stood out for me. It was such a random story that I researched about it as the movie was finished because I knew it would be important. I found out that in Greek mythology, Sisyphus tried to outwit Zeus by tricking Death and was eternally punished by doing so. He was commanded to roll a boulder up a hill, but it eventually rolls back down, thus he has to repeat the same process. This myth is somehow related to what Jess is experiencing in the movie. Although it is unclear why she has to be punished, it might be because of her cruel personality shown when she hurt her son or not, the repeating factor was the same. Jess and Sisyphus also had the same encounter with death – they both wanted to escape it. Jess wanted to change things because her son’s death hurt her. She felt she was to be blamed. But trying to repeat the process, even with the changes, will only lead her to face, once again, what had hurt her in the first place.

We can never predict what life has got to offer, but sometimes we just have to accept and move on. No life can ever be perfect, even if we were capable of changing the past, I bet it will never be perfect still. If we ever try to escape rather than accept, we just end up like Jess: We try to protect ourselves from hurting, but we end up hurting ourselves even more.


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