The circles in Triangle.

The progression of the film “Triangle” was far from what I first expected it to be. It starts out like a typical horror film. First, it introduced the characters and showed how they lived their lives normally. Then, it started to establish the setting where the entire story would take place. At first we see the word “Triangle” on the side of the small boat. Knowing this, I thought the story would have taken place on the small boat itself. I found it hard to imagine a horror film set on a small boat. Then the setting changes to a large eerie seemingly abandoned crew ship and the story started to pattern itself to what felt like a ghost ship plot. So there were unexplained sounds, writing on the mirrors in blood, and someone straying from the group and getting killed; some things that would usually be found in a typical ghost story. I thought then that they would start getting killed off slowly one by one, that whatever was in the ship was hunting them down. Until, that is, everyone except Melissa George immediately gets killed off in the ship’s theater.

It was an interesting turn of events, one single person versus a madman in a mask at the beginning of the rising action. There were so many things that could happen and it was only a matter of time before the bad guy found Melissa George’s character. But then ten minutes later, the confrontation happened, and the masked man was easily defeated by the protagonist and thrown off the side of the ship. The bad guy was defeated so early in the film. The audience starts to wonder where exactly this is all going. In most horror films, the monster character is the center of the whole story. So if there was no monster character to deal with, what was this all about?

At the moment that the protagonist sees the overturned boat and the copies of her past self and that of her companions, we are truly introduced to the nature of the film. This is where the story truly begins. “Triangle” first lulls the audience into thinking it could be another ghost ship film, with things like noises in abandoned hallways and eerie voices calling for help on radios. Then it introduces the real conflict in the plot: the time-loop. The character finds herself stuck in a never-ending repetition of events and soon pieces together that all the things that happened are a result of her own actions. As the character struggles to fight fate and try to take control of things that she herself causes, we find that the monster character of the horror story is no longer an external force but an internal one. The character struggles to retain her sanity and her morality and soon realizes she has to give up the latter in order for her to survive and go home to her son. “Triangle” presents a unique psychological horror film with haunting imagery and an excellent plot that smoothly interconnects the past, the present, and the future.


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