Cabin in The Woods

I expected a better movie than the first film we watched in class. However when I found out that we were going to watch “Cabin In The Woods” I couldn’t say that I was all excited because I’ve already seen the movie in the cinema. The trailer looked interesting. It had a rather good cast; especially that Chris Hemsthworth played one of the main characters. This movie came out the same time the movie Avengers did. It embraced the fact that one of their male lead, Hemsthworth, was part of it, his name was emphasized in posters. Somehow an attempt to capture audiences.

All I can say that the movie was terrible. Sure, they had Chris Hemsthworth the star in Thor and Avengers play in their movie but that wasn’t exactly enough to compensate for the lousy film. Watching it again thinking to myself “why not give it another chance?” so I could learn to appreciate it did not help my change my first judgment of it. I still did not like it.

The story yet again was very unique, but not in the sense of me actually enjoying it. This film was a disappointment for me – I didn’t like it at all. It was an absolute abomination. This movie just came out this year, seeing that it was new and all I thought the producers would do a good job in presenting a new horror movie to the audiences that would somehow be in the level of the Paranormal Activity series.

First of all, it would have been a good movie if men didn’t control the events that were happening to the young adolescents. The moment the “lab” was shown, the scariness level of the movie plummeted. It was as though I wouldn’t be surprised with what was going to happen. My excitement for whatever may happen was simply gone. This film was like a rip off of Hostel in which men were behind the deaths of the victims (the teenagers in the cabin) choosing which monster ought to kill them. Honestly, I’ve watched better horror movies from perhaps five to ten years ago.

Another thing that I didn’t like about it was the Chris Hemsworth, the star in Thor and The Avengers would actually allow himself to take part in such a lousy movie. I mean, he has a record of good movies and why lose that streak to filming this one? Obviously, I think the producers were flashing his name in all the posters just to attract viewers to watch their film.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone. It does not have a good story line, it was very odd, and it loses its horrific factor throughout the movie. By the end of the movie, audiences would be left confused or hanging. Which, as a frequent movie viewer is not exactly a feel-good feeling. There are movies that leave us questioning but this one was just plain old terrible.


2 thoughts on “Cabin in The Woods

  1. I don’t think you’ve raised enough good points as to why you really think the movie was bad. It’s a satire, a sort of love hate letter to the recent slew of horror movies in the past few years that only feature torture porn, like Hostel. Joss Whedon said this himself. It’s kind of like how the Scream quadrilogy made fun of the slasher sub-genre. Then again, maybe this really isn’t your type of film. It’s not really everyone’s cup of tea. (091223)

  2. I don’t think you saw the point in the film, just as the previous comment mentioned. I also had a difficult time to grasp it but once I realized it was a commentary on horror, it suddenly made so much sense. Try approaching it with that kind of mindset and you might see it in a completely different light. 🙂

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