Fate is a Practical Joker

I sat in the class half-confused in the very beginning of the movie when the laboratory scenes were shown. I thought The Cabin in the Woods was going to be your everyday slasher movie with the typical character archetypes that show up in many other films; the jock, the whore, the virgin, the geek and the clown (And the “hot” ones always die first. Really, they do.). In truth, I spent more than half the time thinking about what the connection was between the lab, the cabin and the characters. It was quite unexpected and a little disorienting, because I was caught off-guard.

Ultimately, the movie had a lot to do with the subject of fate in more than one aspect. There is fate pertaining to the characters and fate pertaining to us, the horror movie audience. First of all, the theme is very similar to the Triangle, the last movie that was shown in class; the power of choice and how it leads to one’s fate. But in this film, fate was a practical joker because the situation that they were in made them feel like they could do something about their situation, which is not the case. 

Unlike Triangle, it was much less psychologically disturbing and came out more of a satire for horror films in general or homage for the genre. That in itself is a very ambitious thing for a film maker to do because then they would have to take in to context every little detail that made the horror industry as distinct as it is now. I feel like they did touch on this though they did not go deep in to the details. I think they made the film a horror/comedy one because if it was too serious, the movie would come out as cliché. Then again, that could be their goal; to present the film in a way that the viewer can immediately see the essence of the film which is the broadness of the horror film genre. For me, it reflected fate in our own case because we also choose the kind of horror that we watch and like how the characters were portrayed, we are also sacrifices to the ‘gods’ of the industry. In relation to the movie however, the characters were to be sacrificed to ancient gods who are caged under the earth (gods that remind me a little of the mythological titans.). The film allowed me to relate to the characters and hate on the bad-guys, who were portrayed by the people in the lab. In the end, I also saw how I could be parallel to them because of how they were watching the events roll out on their computer screens where human life was shown as disposable. Then fate, being as unpredictable as it is, showed that the lab-people were not so bad after all; that in truth they were actually the ones keeping the world at balance.

The film The Cabin in The Woods was an okay movie. I understand that they tried to portray a wider, clearer picture on the horror genre and pour it all in one film. The movie felt fresh, as it gave a new light on horror and gore, but the clichés just didn’t work so well for me. There was a little too much going on.


One thought on “Fate is a Practical Joker

  1. I like your idea on the power of choice and fate as a practical joker because I also believed that a big part of what was scary about the film was exactly that – their powerlessness in the situation despite them believing that they had control when in reality, they did not. (090110)

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