Last Tuesday, the 6th of November, was the first session of my Horror Film class. I was quite excited with this class as I am a fan of horror movies. I would often look forward to watching new ones in the theatre whether it is an English or Filipino film. The first film presentation we watched entitled “Triangle” was not your average kind of horror movie. It did not have those usual dreadful looking monsters that would often send a chill up your spine. Demonic creatures, monsters, or ghosts were often the cases that caused of the deaths of the characters in the film; this movie had a different twist.

It had a very interesting and peculiar plot. I did not really find it to be a scary kind of movie. It was however rather intriguing and mind- boggling. At the beginning of the plot, the movie started out as just a regular day for the protagonist, Jess. She after sending her son to school goes off with her friends in a yacht. Upon meeting with her friends, she already looked exhausted. But this observation was somewhat overlooked by the audience. She and her friends then travel off to sea and unfortunately come across a heavy storm. Although they survived from the storm, it was too bad that their yacht couldn’t make it. They were stranded until they spot a large ship in the middle of the sea. Jess sees a person on board and they decide to board the ship in hope for some help. Strangely, the ship was empty and abandoned. The plot of the movie rises as some unknown person slowly kills Jess’ friends and they begin to panic for their lives. She later on realizes that the events are being repeated as she gazes of the ship and finds herself and her friends back on the wretched yacht. It was in this part that the movie became rather confusing. I couldn’t understand the plot or the story anymore. Usually there is a cause and effect in horror films, which makes it easier to understand why such horrific events happen. In this movie, it was difficult to understand the reason behind unless; it can be assumed that this was the effect of the Bermuda triangle (since the name of the movie is “Triangle” after all). Anyway, the movie continued on like a cycle. What I did not like about it was that it did not have that proper ending, the movie left me hanging as the protagonist, upon losing her son, heads back to the harbor to repeat the recurring events.

I think the movie could have been better with a proper ending that could likely bring relief to the audience. I don’t really enjoy it when I end up confused after the movie. It made the movie seem as though it was not yet finished. It was as though is just suddenly ended without the audience expecting it to end that way.

All in all, the movie was OKAY. It wasn’t great because of some elements lacking in the movie. It was confusing, it did not provide the audience with a proper explanation as to why these events were happening to her, and that it had a lousy ending.


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