Triangle is not a shape in this movie.

The movie, Triangle by Christopher Smith started out with these series of names and cut scenes that were probably to give us, the viewers, a sense of the characters’ backgrounds; but I never really paid much attention to that. However, as the story went on to the later parts of the movie, those scenes showed again. I even had to ask my friend if one of the scenes that “repeated” were in the start of the movie just so I wouldn’t have to feel that déjà vu feeling aside from the different kinds of feelings I’ve experienced throughout watching the movie. After the movie, I concluded to myself that the movies was just messing me up.

The movie gave me this feeling of uncertainty. It puzzled me to the point that even after watching the movie I still kept on wondering what could have or what could have not. The movie definitely, in a way, got the best of me if its goal really was to the viewers to really wonder and ponder on what is going on the movie. Unlike other movies that show monsters and ghouls, this movie had a different kind of horror. The movie wasn’t scary that one would jump off the chair and shout like a little girl although it was suspenseful enough to make me cower behind my hands.

The horror of the movie focused more on the fantastic based on David G. Hardwell’s discussion on the three streams of horror. The movie presented the oldest and strongest kind of fear, as what H.P. Lovecraft’s Supernatural Horror in Literature would say, the fear of the unknown. The movie had this feeling of “What in the world of going on?” kind of feel to it, if there is such a thing. I mean, seeing all those corpses of the same person, who wouldn’t freak out about that? If I were to see my own dead body in front of me, I would probably flip out thinking if I have already died or not; or I might probably already be a ghost or something.  However, one would know that the events that happened in the movie would definitely not happen in a person’s daily life – no, not even just a person’s but to anyone’s life!

Having said that, even though I believe myself enough that what happened in the movie wouldn’t happen to me or to anyone that I know of in real life, I was still in a state of horror, like I’ve said, to the point that I had to cower behind my sweaty hands and having myself murmur random things I would not usually utter. Although, the cowering never really helped as much; but, even so, it was a great movie.


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