1000 ways to die in the Woods

                Watching Cabin in the Woods in class never gave me much of that terrified feeling one would get from horror movies. To me, the movie was fun and very laughable. This was probably because of one of the main characters in the story, Marty. Aside from Marty being the somewhat “savior” during the later parts of the movie, it wasn’t him being like that which made me lose that terrified feeling, it was his funny character, aside from him being always high.

I may have fun but it does not mean that I was completely invulnerable to the scares made by the movie. There were lots of times when the movie made my heart skip a beat.  Apparently, the movie had a lot of cheap scares. The sudden appearance of the title in red along with a very loud sound effect would be an example. By cheap scares I mean, the ones that “scare” simply because you were started by some sudden happening along with the always convenient sound effect – from a pleasant to severely horrifying. I call them cheap because the scares never really last that long. It’s more a practical joke than a scare.

So, in the end, was the movie a horror movie for me? Yes, simply because I define horror as that feeling or emotion that gives me a scare, a skip in my heartbeat, or makes me do something I don’t actually want to do and that I can’t control. Horror is an emotion after all as some scholars like Douglas E. Winters would say. Also, even if the horror movie is not scary, it is still a horror movie. It’s like a joke that is not even, at the slightest, funny. I’m not saying the movie was bad. It just didn’t scare me as much as I had anticipated. Moreover, the part of the movie that really “healed the wound” so to speak was the ending. For me, the ending is a very crucial part of any movie. The movie ended with the world crushed by the Ancient Ones and as we can see, we are still alive. Was I creating a defensive wall between me and the emotions I have felt during the movie? No; it would have probably been scarier if it were closer to reality – the ending, I mean.

In conclusion, the movie was great but not as horrifying as anticipated. If were to rate the movie, eight out of ten.


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