Cabin in the Woods: Stereotypes in horror film

    The Cabin in the Woods had the makings of what seemed to be another slasher film.  A story line that includes incredibly hormonal teenagers going on a vacation in some creepy abandoned place where no one can reach them is usually part of a typical slasher horror film. But as the film progressed and revealed the puppeteers controlling the whole operation, it felt more like a farce of horror film itself. The witty banter and the humorous things happening to the characters intermingled the audiences’ screams of terror with bouts of laughter. The film name itself makes fun of the slasher film stereotype, outwardly implying that the setting is a suspicious place in the woods. ‘
    The characters themselves seem to poke fun of the stereotypes from every horror movie. I was watching the trailer of “Cabin in the Woods” online and in the comments section, a person said that it was funny how all the characters seemed to correspond to a character in “Scooby Doo.” You’ve got a nerd, a jock, a hot girl, a joker, and an innocent person, which in the case of “Scooby Doo” was Scooby himself. In the end, they even solidified these stereotypes by presenting them as the stone slabs in the basement chamber. Even the order in which these characters are supposed to die is stereotyped. The whore always dies first. How many times have we seen the promiscuous couple die first in the hands of whatever creature was stalking them while they made out in some place they are not supposed to be? The virgin or the innocent one is an optional death but must always be last. Most often this is the main character.
    In the film, they said that these deaths have been necessary since the beginning of time to satisfy the ancient gods. If one thinks about it, this story would give reason for these horror stereotypes to exist. They said that these kinds of people need to be sacrificed in order to appease “the old ones”. They also said that the creatures are not from the stories, they are where the stories are from. So if this movie were actually true, the reason for the horror stereotypes existing is because of the ancient ritual. All these deaths, horror stories, horror films, and their stereotypes are based on the five people that need to be sacrificed since ancient times.
    This brings to mind the term “tailor-made fate” that was mentioned in class and in the readings. The character realizes that they are the perfect subject for this specific kind of fate. As the film progresses, the suspicion of Marty that their group was specifically picked for this particular incident becomes more and more real. Their horror no longer comes from the fear of the monsters but the fact that their actions are being controlled. This fate was not a chance encounter and normal people just like themselves are the ones pulling the strings, all for the sake of self-preservation.


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