On Triangle and How to (try and) cheat Death

Truth be told, I have never heard any mention of an existing movie named Triangle prior to the film shown in class. I didn’t even notice the movie title from the list of top movies of the year as shown in rotten tomatoes which I am a frequent visitor. Maybe it’s because of the title of the movie itself. There’s almost nothing that can be guessed from the title alone. It is because of the movie’s non-descript title that I must have skipped this sweet delicacy of a mind boggling film of the horror genre. It doesn’t give anything away. Let’s look at the movie Sinister for example. Right away, you can already guess at some point the content of the movie. It’s almost like you can put a subtitle under the movie title “Sinister” captioned “Beware of a sinister evil”. But you can throw away all that with the movie Triangle which I can confidently say a movie which I liked. All throughout the movie, I was less frightened than absolutely intrigued. Nonetheless, Triangle will still found under the horror genre. Even though Triangle is more of a psychological thriller, the existence and presence of otherworldly events and impossibilities practically screams “Fear ME” to us viewers. Now, first, I didn’t like the movie only because of the horrifying images shown like the scene where Sally finds herself wounded and finds herself bleeding to death with (Surprise!) several other girls who share a remarkable likeness to her. Rather, the main reason I liked it is because of the several questions the movie still leaves me even after showing the credits. I always liked to think that if I can choose a super power, I would choose the power to turn back time. The movie, for me, gives off the classic “Be careful what you wish for” horror which truly terrifies you. You wish you can turn back time, (BAM!) now you can, but you have to suffer immense hardships and pain to do so. In the movie, the cruise ship was revealed to be named Aoelus, I think, who tried to cheat death. Later on we find out that the whole reason that every cursed, horrifying event was happening was because of a wish, a choice even, and a wilful one at that. Jess made the wish to turn back time and once again open the doors of torment all for the chance to undo past mistakes and save the life of her child. The horror we experience in this movie is the fear which comes from knowing that there is no escape. Jess was most likely pushed to a corner and left with no other choice but to continue on living in their personal circle of hell. All that suffering, just because she couldn’t let go of the past… which I believe is the natural human instinct in reaction to a death of a dear one, one who is as much a part of the self as any other.


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