I took a chance with this class and, after Triangle, I’m so glad I did. What was interesting about the movie was that it was weighed down by a central theme that everyone could relate to – sacrifice for a loved one. It did a great job of tying the whole film together and giving a reason for every movement or decision within the film. Many actions in movies lack motivation and are just done for entertainment value but not with Triangle. I really appreciated how, though at times you didn’t agree with Jess’ actions, at the end of the day, you understand why she did them.

Another interesting aspect of the film was how the plot progression makes you feel and react. One minute you could be angrily commenting to your seatmate “WHAT?? Why didn’t she just keep her eyes on the road??” or “WHY ARE YOU GETTING BACK ON THE BOAT??”, convinced that Jess is making one stupid mistake after the other. Actually, to be completely honest, Jess’ cold and distant demeanor turned me off very early on in the movie. I found it hard to relate to her or feel for her because I didn’t quite understand her character. Why was she so depressed (and depressing)? Why would anyone want to hang out with her? She’s seems like such a downer. It was only during the climax (and then ultimately at the end of the movie) that I really understood her reason for every decision she had made that I had questioned. I think that was what I found truly impressive about this movie – the fact that you can question so much of it and even sometimes be annoyed by the characters but, in the end, you realize that there was a rational purpose for it all.

Though I wouldn’t have readily categorized Triangle as a horror but more of a mystery, I can see how it would be labeled as such. When they first step foot on the boat, I was sure they were either going to be haunted by ghosts or a creature  that inhabited the ship (Moral Allegory) or would fall pray to a murderer, killing for the fun of it (Psychological Horror). I was (pleasantly) surprised when I found this wasn’t exactly the case. Based on the readings, I believe that Triangle was a combination of Psychological Horror and the Fantastic, though more concentrated on the psychological. Most of what was horrifying came from her actions and her situation and, at the same time, many questions are left unanswered throughout the movie in relation to the ship itself. Where did it come from? Why was it the way it was? What made this so? Why Jess? These unanswered questions become insignificant throughout the movie, however, simply because her situation was more horrifying than any explanation that could be given about the boat, any ghosts or any murderer. What we tend to forget about movies under the Horror genre is that it may not always fall pray to the cheap shocks and gory details that are employed nowadays by several blockbuster horror films. Like Triangle, there are some horror films that provide more psychological horror than aesthetic horror, ensuring that it finds more subtle (but more frightening) ways to creep under your skin.


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