The Ventriloquist and His Puppets

There are instances in our life when we question our actions – thinking that these actions and thoughts are misaligning with our character. Sometimes we feel as if these actions have been set-up and planned. Like a pawn in a chess board, we are stirred towards a direction we wish not to take. This scenario is usually seen in an argument between a parent and child regarding the child’s future career. Most often, this is the case for families with a history of rearing politicians, doctors, businessmen and lawyers. The name of the family is placed upon the shoulders of every offspring – the pressure to maintain the family tradition. But what if your life has been used for the betterment of humanity? Will it be even right to question its morality? Should one even hesitate to give an answer? Who are we who gets to decide who to sacrifice for the continual life of the world? As seen in “the cabin in the woods”, the scientist acting as God, believing they have power to the point of losing their moral judgement, while the five young adults fight for their survival to end that they disregard the whole of humanity for their own.

Watching the movie, one will eventually debate on the constant struggle of what is just. There is this understanding that requires a number of individuals to be sacrificed for the survival of human kind because humanity is faced with an unfamiliar powerful being. This being must be kept within the depths of the earth for fear of its unknown power. The only possible way to handle this fear of the unknown is to sacrifice our own kind. Hence, we are faced with a brutal and gruesome planned death of five innocent individuals. These five people are also faced with the same fear as the scientists’ living beneath the earth. The experience of the unknown of Dana, Curt, Jules, Marty, and Holden are exact representations of the anxieties felt by the scientist if this dangerous being were to emerge from below. This fear has led the scientists to throw away all the rules of morality – even betting on what creature will kill these five people. Mean while the fight of survival of the five continue, afterwards, are faced with questions of disbelief and confusion of not knowing what is happening and what is seen – stories of urban legends coming true. In the end this obsession of the fear of the unknown has inevitably lead to the destruction of humanity.

Hence, what makes this movie a horror film is the depiction of the fear of the unknown. But the things that have made this movie even more terrifying are the capabilities of human beings to remove this fear. How one will go so far as going beyond the laws of nature. How man can instantly change one’s principles and beliefs for survival. Ironically the notion of treasuring life is backed up by giving up one. Right and wrong have been blurred because of this fear of dying. Fear of facing an afterlife that is unfamiliar. This fear has caused chaos in one’s heart and mind. Which I believe is scarier than the unknown.



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