Deadgirl: Men are Monsters

Deadgirl is one of the most disturbing, twisted, grossest, and nastiest horror films I have seen. The common elements in a horror film are present, such as the creepy and abandoned psychiatric hospital. The stills of the dead girl were really scary.  Overall, the movie has a mysterious, eerie, and sadistic theme.

The movie follows the conventional narrative of equilibrium –disequilibrium-equilibrium. At the start of the movie, two best friends (Rickie and JT) is shown having fun. Also, Rickie was gazing at Joann since he is in love with her. The disequilibrium state happens when the equilibrium (the daily routines) is disturbed.  After they discovered a naked woman whom JT made into a sex slave, everything turned around. The second equilibrium, which is something new compared to the first equilibrium, is a state going back to normalcy.  At the end of the movie, Rickie was shown to be back in his old life, enjoying his life as a student. There was even a couple shown to emphasize going back to the equilibrium stat. However, everything will never be the same because people have already died and he has now a girlfriend. Rickie made the “dead” Joann as her girlfriend/sex slave..

Clearly, the film promotes objectification of women. The female body is depicted as means for pleasure. The story revolved around how high school boys had a sex slave, reflecting the views on how men treat women as a sexual drainage. In addition, the “dead” Joann was the only one shown at the end of the movie. However, the death of JT, Wheeler, Johnny and Dwyer were not resolved. My question is: What happened to the boys?

Another theme of Deadgirl is torture porn. In my opinion, the movie is soft porn since the movie is very graphic.  Sexual acts were very evident in the movie, such as rape, BDSM, fellatio, and necrophilia. Honestly, the movie did not have dull moments primarily because this sexual images. The sexual theme of the movie adds horridness to the movie because it draws something from the human experience of sexual tendencies and fear. This movie is really “scary” for me partly because I am woman. The movie shows what men could do just to have sexual pleasure. Rather than run away from the monster, they owned the monster as their sex slave. They have made an intimate and sexual connection with a monster. In this movie, the monster was used and abused by humans. Thinking about it, JT was more evil than the dead girl. A point of reflection is how men can turn into monsters just to satiate their sexual thirst.


One thought on “Deadgirl: Men are Monsters

  1. “My question is: What happened to the boys?”— Exactly! Is it supposed to sneakily tell us that men will always dominate and win over women because as women we can be turned into objects of sexual desire? That’s a very horrifying thought form the movie. I really am so disgusted.

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