abnormal sexual desire

The movie dead girl was very disturbing, abnormal and very sick. For me, this is a type of movie that I will surely only watch once. This is because of the ideas that it tackles which were sex (necrophilia), objectification of women, and the manipulation of corpses.

Based purely on the movie title, I thought the thing that will terrify me would be the dead girl. At first I think I was right, this is because the dead girl can be identified as a monster or somewhat abnormal. She has the same characteristic of a dead human being, having a cold body and rotten smell. But what is scary is that she cannot “die” because she still moves even though she is considered dead. Moreover, she will attack anything (humans and a dog) that she sees if given the chance to. But as the story progresses, the level of scare that I have from the dead girl somehow decreased. What happened is that I became more terrified on the things that the human characters have done to the dead girl.  Several characters had sexual intercourse with the dead corpse (necrophilia). Moreover, they did not only have the deed once, but many times. They treated the dead girl as their sex slave. This is very horrifying because you can see how insane these people are. They have succumbed to their sexual desires. They do not recognize anymore what is right and wrong.

What also shocked me in the movie is the ending. The ending was a surprise for me because of the revelation that the movie had on the character Rickie. In the movie, Rickie was presented to be as a character that can control his sexual appetites. He even tried to save the dead girl from the hands of JT. But at the end it was surprising that these ideas that were presented were entirely wrong. Like JT and the others, he gave in to his sexual desires; he made Joan his new girl. He turned Joan into his sex slave.

The movie can also be said to following the format of horror movies which is equilibrium-disequilibrium-equilibrium format. At first, the movie showed that the characters (Rickie and JT) are living a normal life in high school. But when they saw the dead girl there was a complete complication in their life causing disequilibrium in their ordinary life. At the end of the movie, after all of what happened with the characters and the dead girl, it seemed to be that the life of Rickie became in equilibrium again. He learned how to cope up with what happened. But it should be noted that his life was never the same like his life before encountering the dead girl. It can be seen at the end where he visits Joan, the new dead girl.


One thought on “abnormal sexual desire

  1. “Based purely on the movie title, I thought the thing that will terrify me would be the dead girl”— I think that’s what makes the movie good, that fact that it wasn’t so predictable even until the end! I’m very scarred for life.

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