Cabin in the Woods: Originally Unoriginal

If horror movies were characterized mainly on the emotion of horror the viewer would feel upon viewing the film, then Cabin in the Woods is far from that. Cabin in the woods is more of a film about the Horror genre than actually being part of the horror genre (if that makes sense).But then again, being scared does vary from viewer to viewer so maybe, someone actually had the urge to cover his eyes while watching.

I did not appreciate Cabin in the Woods when i watched it the first time because I was in the mood to get scared and it certainly did not satisfy my need, but watching it the second time around made me realize a lot of things about the horror film.

The beginning of the film would give you the ‘I’ve seen this before’ feeling because you’ve probably already did. With the main characters who were the most obvious and cliché’ group of people a writer could think of, the trip to the creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere, the hillbilly stranger with a warning that they shrug off as being psycho and to the most innovative title anyone has ever thought of. Almost every element of the film, minus the people in the lab manipulating everything, was already used in the past in one way or another.  Of course, the most evident difference was the fact that the scenes would flash to the familiar group of friends about to die to the people responsible for the horrors the characters were about to experience.

I think the director’s point was to make it a Meta film about creating a horror film and at the same time, watching the horror film. It pokes fun on the unoriginality and predictability of the genre and at how writers and directors become sell-outs by doing things we, the audience, would most likely enjoy. The part of the film where the world was about to end  and all the monsters were released to attack the ‘filmmakers’ symbolized what would happen to them  in real life if they did not adjust to the audience’s expectations which would probably end up  to be the death of their careers.

I don’t think everyone would enjoy this type of film especially if, like my first time watching the movie, you are looking for the rush of being afraid.  It was actually brilliant how Whedon and Goddard managed to begin a movie by being so unoriginal but in the latter part we realize we’ve never seen such a movie.

The only horror Cabin in the Woods consisted of is how horrible our taste of movies have become, that people behind the scenes have to sacrifice their artistic values in order to please us. The horror of monsters and gore only come second to the realization of  the dreadfulness that the so-called horror movies have become through the years.


2 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods: Originally Unoriginal

  1. The only horror Cabin in the Woods consisted of is how horrible our taste of movies have become, that people behind the scenes have to sacrifice their artistic values in order to please us.—- Hi! I don’t think they were sacrificing their artistic values but more like they were exposing us to the monstrosity that man is. In the traditional movies, we use zombies and creatures to be the source of fright but really, man is the worst. I will agree with you and say the distasteful part was definitely the whole “end of the world” element but maybe you can look at the movie as something that simply scares us because of the fact that if you were one of the teenagers in the film, you would be caught in a situation wherein you’d have to make quick decisions and deal with so many things at the same time. It’s pretty similar to our every day life haha

  2. Hi! But I didn’t mean the ‘sacrificing the artistic values’ part for the makers of Cabin in the Woods. I meant the point of The movie was to make fun of the horror genre’s predictability and how other directors simply make films that they know would sell. I actually liked the concept of Cabin in the Woods I probably did not make it clear though! But i do agree with you that humans are the real monsters! And youre right, looking at it at the perspective of the teenagers, I would be horrified. Haha

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