Different Perspective

            The movie cabin in the woods is somewhat a good horror movie for me in a sense that it used a different approach in presenting what is horrifying. In the movie, it can be seen that it uses different point of views to produce horror.

In the movie, it was presented that there were indeed real monsters (e.g. zombies, ghosts, big snakes and etc.). In the view point of the teenagers in the cabin, it can be seen that they were very scared of the monsters, in the form of zombies, due to the fact that they had never encountered these monsters and also these monsters were trying to kill them. Another thing that scared the people in the cabin was the feeling of being trapped. It was seen in the face of the girl (Dana) during the scene where they were driving away from the tunnel and back to the woods. In that scene she realized that they cannot go anywhere and that they cannot do anything about it. This scene was very striking for that she somehow accepted the fact that she cannot do anything. She accepted the fact that whatever they do, they will end up getting killed by those zombies.

On the other hand, the people controlling the release of the monsters were not so much afraid of these monsters. For me, I thought that the people treat these monsters as somewhat like animals. They were not scared at all of these monsters. This may be caused by the fact that they were used to seeing these monsters that it became normal to them. Also they have control on these monsters; these monsters do not pose threat to them, they have power over these monsters. For me I somehow consider these people the real monsters because they do not have any care or what so ever with the lives of the teenagers. They were even betting who will die first. This was very horrifying because they treat the human life as nothing.

The thing that I do not like in the movie is the quick shift of events at the end. At first, the movie was all about monsters and killing the group of teenagers in the cabin. But at the end of the movie, it was so surprising that the killing, as explained by the chairman, was all about saving mankind from the ancient gods. From a plot line of a typical horror movie, the plot then suddenly changed into saving the world. This for me was very weird because I think that the element of horror was gone in the end. It somewhat confused me if this movie is still about horror. For me, instead of being scared on what has happened to the group of teenagers at the end, it turned out to be somehow a comedy because of this kind of ending. 


2 thoughts on “Different Perspective

  1. Just to add to the thought of the monsters being normal for the lab coat guys: it’s also about audiences being so desensitized to monster films that it’s already redundant/not as entertaining anymore, I think!

  2. Hi. I agree that the ending was flawed with how it suddenly became the end of the world but maybe you can try putting yourself in the situation of the characters. The fact that scenes were shifting to fast was what was scary. The idea of having no time to think your actions through as carefully as you want to is what’s pretty horrifying for all of us. Sure, you didn’t feel so scared in the end anymore but when you think about everything that happened, that was one messed up world to be caught in, and if you had been part of it, it would’ve been a scary experience. Like sir said, be open to putting yourself in the shoes of the characters so that you can be open to scaring yourself more.

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