On Necrophiles and Testosterone

Dead girl, without a doubt, is one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen. It may not have contained as much gore as Saw, nor was it as creepy as The Strangers, but it did have some very disturbing elements of horror.

Physically, the abandoned mental hospital created an extremely dark setting that incorporated a good amount of mystery around the origins of the dead girl. Throughout the whole film, we never found out whether she was really a lab experiment or not, and what others were doing to her before JT and Ricky arrived.

Next, her corpse was completely disfigured. Whoever was in charge of what she looked like could have done us all a favor and have her regenerate into a normal-looking girl, but no, they chose to make her green with bloodshot eyes and black teeth. The way she looked just made using her as a sex-slave even more disgusting than it already was.

Lastly, and perhaps the most obvious physical element of horror, was the gore. I honestly didn’t expect there to be any bloodshed in this film, how foolish of me. Some of it, in my opinion, was unnecessary. Ricky didn’t need to chop off Wheelers arm, that claw didn’t need to rip itself out of Johnny’s ass … there were so many alternatives.

However, it wasn’t really the physical aspects that disturbed me as much as the psychological. In my opinion, the scariest thing in the movie was JT- his psycho-eyes threw me off the second he discovered the dead girl, and when he actually considered raping her, I was done. His complete and utter lack of personal hygiene was almost as disgusting as his necrophilia. Up to now, I can’t shake off the fact that people like JT actually exist in our world (my rule is, if it’s in a movie, it’s got to happen somewhere). The scarier part was that JT didn’t keep his sick fetish to himself, he involved Wheeler, and the both of them went absolutely crazy- to the point of attempting to murder some hard-ass Latina in order to breed more sex-slave corpses. I’m sorry, but if there’s anything I can’t take, it’s rape and horny teenage boys, which is practically what the movie revolved around.

In my opinion, Deadgirl was not a good movie. By the end, I felt confused and annoyed that the scriptwriter chose to take the easy way out and end the film with a new dead girl, and I hated that Rickie was the new JT when he was a much more promising character. It really annoyed me because I was rooting for him all along, and then he went and proved himself to be a lowlife, too. Traitor. Also, what the hell happened to the dead girl? I refuse to believe that her passion for biting didn’t start some kind of zombie outbreak.

The film probably could’ve been improved had there been an alternate ending that cleared up all the grey zones, and perhaps a more intellectual background as to why the corpse was there in the first place, that way it could have been more than just a window into the lives of psychotic and desperately horny teenagers.


One thought on “On Necrophiles and Testosterone

  1. “His complete and utter lack of personal hygiene was almost as disgusting as his necrophilia.” THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT MADE IT EVEN MORE DISGUSTING AS IT ALREADY WAS. He didn’t even bother to wash her or— I don’t even wanna think about it. What’s disgusting is that people like J.T. actually exist in this world.

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