Parallel Horrors

At every turn of the plot, the film kept me anticipating what kind of trouble JT and Rickie would get themselves in to; going for the wrong girl, dilly-dallying in and old, abandoned nuthouse, going in to rooms that were clearly barricaded for a reason and eventually giving in to desire, specifically sick ones that are against any ethical code that exists. But allow me to say that even through the occurrence of supernatural forces, the events that had passed in that film were still very human.

Enter the two lead characters, JT and Rickie, who seem to have nothing great waiting for them at the end of the road. They want to escape from what they are going through and leave the reality that they are living in. Rickie, who is in love with a girl who can never be his, tries to get out of his situation by more or less doing what has to be done, and actually worked towards getting Joann Skinner to like him. JT however turns to a dark path by creating a little world around deadgirl, despite having his best friend completely condone his actions. The traditional element of horror in this film is achieved precisely through of JT’s fixation on deadgirl, who is obviously a zombie of some sort, and the fact that deadgirl could come lose at any point in time  and attack people. There is also an element of horror that is seen through some sort of parallelism between the things that JT and Rickie are going through and the how the human mind reacts to certain situations.

JT represents how giving in to desire can take a wrong turn. His own personality reflected how deadgirl was; it was asleep for who-knows-how-long and after being provoked repeatedly by his own demons, it wakes, and his decisions after that just kept burrowing deeper into his own grave that he unknowingly dug for  himself. He spiraled out of control. His psyche had become a mirror image of deadgirl. It got sicker and sicker by the hour destroyed everything in its path and took other people with it. He wanted to be part of something that he thought he could control. He prodded at it until it became his end because he chose not to suffer the life that he was living. Rickie on the other hand  represents the area in giving in to desire that shows how a person can choose to do what is right, but be burdened by the collateral damage of what came out of the situation. The sad thing is, he gave in anyway and kept Joann like deadgirl.

That being said, the real horror for me is how real people are more capable of doing horrible things than deadgirl, who did not seem to choose the situation she was in. The boys however, could have chosen to do otherwise but chose to give in to their sick desires anyway. The film maintained that depressing theme until the very end.


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