Sexual Tension Between Rickie and JT

Suspense began in the first few 20 minutes of the movie. At first you’d think Rickie is the bad guy with his sneaky eyes and disgusting hairdo while JT is just the friend. It started out being an unpredictable movie as compared to the beginning scenes of Cabin In The Woods. There is also this very awkward disturbing tension between JT and Rickie, if I may just put that out there. Things start to shift back to reality when Rickie gets back home and has to deal with his stepdad and absent mother. We see here that Rickie is battling with his own nightmarish issues at home, and soon enough, the nuthouse.

The fact that when they return back to the house at night made it feel unsurprising as a horror movie because we know that all the scariest things happen best when that sun is down and our sense of sight is at its weakest. The exciting part unfolds when they discover some kind of sexy-wolverine-mutant who doesn’t die. Rickie is the most rational character here wanting to destroy her or bring her to the hospital. We see here that that would have been the most rational action that we the viewers would have also done. Had the characters resulted to saving this girl-creature, this film would’ve ended abruptly so of course we continue on and watch the two boys make the wrong choice– which frustrates us. Rickie, being the weaker personality among the two boys, he is easily swayed by JT’s idea of just making use of this girl-creature’s body as a sexual object. This, for a girl, is the most haunting horror element because we can imagine being in the situation. Anything to do with abusing women can genuinely psychologically bruise our bodies. From this point in the film I didn’t want to finish it because the idea of raping this woman was a nightmare for me already.

After the secret is agreed upon, the scene shifts to a dragging gloomy day in school where Rickie seems to be battling with his conscience with regards to what had conspired between him and JT last night. He imagines he is being pleasured by his crush but then is immediately interrupted with this vision of the creature, which disgustingly persuades him to rush to the nuthouse where he sees Wheeler humping the creature. Now Rickie is battling with an irresponsible mother, a lonely frustration for a female companion, a betraying senseless best friend and his own conscience, which seems to be making bad decisions so far. This film revolves around man’s battle with his inner self, which brings about stronger emotions as well for the audience. For me, it’s a mix of all two streams of horror. Moral Allegory because it battles with the right and wrong thing to do,  and Psychological Horror because J.T. represents the monster that can represent the selfish aspect in our own selves wanting to satisfy our desires. It’s what makes it an effective horror film, the fact that the idea of tying a woman up and raping her endlessly is possible in this world. It’s what also makes it a horror film that people wouldn’t recommend if they want to be scarred. The overall color palette of the film was just as depressing, and so was the fluctuating soundtrack. It is just one depressing decrease in progress after the other, the type of movie that viewers just want to finish in hopes that a possible peaceful (WRONG ADJECTIVE) ending could happen but at the same time just want to walk out to spare them form all the repulsive images. Just as everyone thinks the characters will all die and a fresh start can commence, it goes back to the hell that is the beginning of everything and what the characters choose to make of the situation presented to them.


2 thoughts on “Sexual Tension Between Rickie and JT

  1. The rape part was definitely the most haunting part for me!!! The whole time, the girl was just being raped again and again — whether she was really human or not, dead or not. did not make it morally right, which is what definitely freaked me out. As a woman, I could feel myself in that terrible situation and I died many times during the film haha.

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