Horror of Unfamiliarity and Manipulation

Cabin in the woods is somewhat a typical horror film wherein a group of college friends having a vacation somewhere distant and suddenly all their plans turned out wrong and strange things happen to them. But at the same time, as you further watch the movie, it is not like the other horror films which the ghosts, the monsters and other superficial creatures come out of nowhere or out of a mysterious coincidence. In the movie, you can see that people, the scientists, themselves are manipulating that group of people having an outing and even the monsters seeking people to kill. It for me in a sense vanishes the being horror of the film because, we somehow know what will happen and even predict what is going on. If I were the director, I would have shown the manipulation side at a latter part of the movie. In this case, people will be first frightened and wonder what will happen and think why is this happening to the characters.


Putting myself into the shoes of the characters, normally if that kind of event happens, I would run as fast as I can to get out of the place and wish that it never happened to me. That was exactly the thing that the characters did because they are unfamiliar to it. But in their case, they were faced by a lot of hindrances to get out and be safe. The only thing to do is to fight it. In horror movies, even if the characters knew that it is way dangerous, they still manage to look what is going on and why is it happening. That is what horror movies are good at. That is what most people love to watch because it is not happening to us in real life most of the time. The characters, because they are unfamiliar to what is going on, they seek for what is the mystery behind it. What really scares the horror movie audience is to be shocked and to be faced by the unknown. Like Cabin in the Woods, there are a lot of scenes that you are just watching and suddenly a monster comes out or the character gets hacked unknowingly. The movie played a lot on or bodies, emotions where we can’t help to do out of shock.


Cabin in the Woods later on after watching it again, I realized that it is actually a good movie and not a typical one. I am quite befuddled on pin pointing out the real evil in the story. Whether the monsters that kill innocent people or the lab scientists who manage to place bet on people who they know are going to die. The monsters have their innate characteristics to be evil and the people only manipulate them to kill. On the other hand, the lab scientists know what is happening but they just do it for the sake of saving the humankind.


Cabin in the Woods actually remind me of the movie 13 ghosts where ghosts are caged and controlled. The movie doesn’t focus on the horror of the monsters but on the horror that someone is controlling them (the students) whom they don’t know and are unfamiliar with. That is what scared me that you knew that someone is watching you and controlling every event happening to you than the monsters.


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