Initially, I found the movie quite interesting. I liked how the movie immediately caught my attention through the unrelated scenes and the odd behavior of the main character. It was very intriguing how she suddenly seemed to be in a completely different state from the one in which she started, and that she had weird dreams and the feeling of déjà vu. In addition, I was interested in the sudden electrical storm and the ominous-looking Aeolus. I particularly loved the seemingly typical horror/mystery plot of the movie because I enjoy trying to figure out the secret before it is revealed. The first part of the movie – until the moment the killer was revealed – truly looked promising.

The first couple of rounds when the main character realized she and her group were in a loop and attempted to find a way out of it was quite exciting. However, the subsequent rounds were personally tiring and unnecessary. I honestly found it stupid that the main character took so long to realize that she had to kill everyone in order to free themselves from the repetitive series of events. Also, it was frustrating that she could not find herself to do what she had to even though multiple repetitions proved that she could not convince her group to believe their situation, and that there was no other way out except for quickly eliminating all of them before her other self had a chance to kill her. I was also annoyed that she felt so helpless even after several rounds. In my opinion, I felt that the main character should have become numb towards the situation after successive repetitions of events and should have been able to act better.

On a positive note, it was interesting to see towards the end how all the unrelated scenes at the beginning came together and were understood in relation to the plot. It was also intriguing that the beginning of the movie was apparently the continuation of the end of the movie, revealing that the movie itself is an eternal loop. It was good to see that all of the mysterious scenes at the start were answered so that the viewers were not left questioning anything about the movie. However, it was quite sad to realize that the main character was not able to free herself from the loop even though she had multiple opportunities to do so.

The horror aspect of the movie is not the out-there-in-your-face kind but rather is, in my opinion, the fact that the characters could not change the tragic end to which they were destined. I believe that fate is the villain in the movie, and come to think of it, any person – even in real life – who finds himself in a position unable to beat fate is truly scary. I feel that this was generally a good horror movie because fate is an seemingly overpowering and untouchable opponent. This realization forces the characters to think outside of the box when trying to defeat their opponent because they have to analyze themselves in order to beat – in a sense – their own destiny.


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