What can i possibly say about “Dead Girl”? Besides “NEVER AGAIN,” of course?

I honestly don’t know what was more horrifying about that movie – the necrophilic images left burned into my brain or the fact that movies about necrophilia are made in the first place. It baffles me that stories like this are written and ultimately funded. Though I found the whole story morally questionable and in many ways just so, so wrong, there were actually many things about it I did appreciate. I actually really enjoyed the acting in this movie, first and foremost. Relatively obscure actors who perform splendidly always delights me. I also enjoyed how they were able to capture the problems of male teenagers and how these translate to dark, sometimes twisted intentions or actions. Unrequited love, absentee parents, peer pressure, teenage angst were all touched on in this movie well enough to sort of understand how the boys were brought up to rebel, to do what other people think they shouldn’t, to do what they know they shouldn’t. You are introduced, ever so subtly, yet hauntingly noticeably, to human psyches whose lines of right and wrong are blurred. Humanity and inhumanity no longer distinguishable, as well. You sneak a peek into, not just a horrifying situation, but horrifying minds who live merely to satisfy themselves at whatever cost. No line is drawn at kidnapping, at torture, at death. It is making-the-most-out-of-each-opportunity to a truly disturbing level. Find a dead girl, use her to get some. The love of my life joins the half-dead against my will, make her my sex slave anyway since at least now I have a chance.

In relation to what we learned in class prior to watching the movie, I’m guessing Ricky fell prey to the idea that life would never be the same after what he had just gone through. He now lived in a world where his friends could do heinous things if only to satisfy their needs. The State of Equilibrium that he finds himself in at the end of the movie is a quite disturbing one, but one I assume he felt he could learn to live with as an acceptable thing to do now. After all, he did finally find a way to get the girl – the girl he has always wanted but that never gave him the time of day. He could have also rationalized that using her was making the most out of a bad situation and since he knew that life would never be the same again anyway, might as well learn to live with it as best he could. 

Out of everything, the ending was what interested me the most. Throughout the whole movie, I was left wondering how this could possibly end, and when it did, it truly horrified me in a way no a ghost, monster or bloodied up zombie could do in the same way. I found myself feeling as well that life would never be the same for me again either. I now live in a world where movies revolve around a couple of guys having sex with a dead girl. I am scarred for life.


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