Dead Girl: MonsterMan

Before Deadgirl was shown in class we were warned that it was going to be icky. Icky, I expected blood and… more blood but boy, icky does not even begin to describe what Deadgirl is. The title itself is a huge understatement and maybe that was the point. Expect the unexpected they say, but no matter how dark your thoughts can go, I don’t think anyone, having no idea about the movie, would expect anything to match the horrors Deadgirl manages to make you feel.

The main characters were a pair of idiots who looked like they were always looking for trouble or the other way around.  90% of their dialogue was filled with curses and their voices rang of stupidity. But the decisions they made in the next 101 minutes (of the movie) was above and beyond stupidity, I have yet to find a word to describe it.

Necrophilia, though rare (I hope), does not come to a shock to me anymore. I’ve learned to accept the horrors the people in this world are capable of. But JT and Rickie managed to surprise. Literally, the monster would be the Deadgirl who was, in  the horror genre’s terms, a zombie, but the real monsters were the boys who were desperate enough to have sex with something (take note, someTHING ) that seemed to be rotting.

Among the friends, you’d think Rickie was the decent one, he was not willing to violate the dead and he even tried to rescue it. But the fact that he put his ‘friendship’ with his sicko friend before anything else was almost as disgusting as taking part in JT’s vile ritual. His pathetic attempts of convincing his friends that they shouldn’t do what they were doing wasn’t enough to convince me that Rickie was a good guy. And Unsurprisingly enough, being the loser he reeked of from the beginning. He ended up making a sex slave out of the girl who’d never look at him the way he wanted to if she had a choice, so he gave her none.

The scariest thing about Deadgirl was knowing that it could happen in real life.  I called the Deadgirl a ‘something’ because she was regarded that way in the movie. She was nothing but an object for them to take out their sexual needs. When she got too hideous they decided to put a paper bag over her head, they just needed the waist below anyway. When Deadgirl’s appearance became unbearable, they staked out for other potential victims.

Yes, it was insulting and horrifying to witness the way the characters in Deadgirl treated women but I think men also have something to be upset about. The characters in the story did not give men anything to be proud of either, they were represented in the most shameful and disgusting way and there was not even one good male in the story.

Yeah, it was the woman who was violated and objectified in the movie but to focus on the feminist defense would be selfish, so I would like to go ahead and say, not all men are monsters (I hope so).


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