As always, I awaited the revelation of the main antagonist who would kill the main characters one by one, or haunt them or torture them. This was my first inkling when I saw the body of the woman who looked like a zombie lying down on the gurney with her fingers twitching. But as the movie progressed slowly, we see how the dead girl isn’t the main antagonist of the film or the one doing the haunting. In fact it was the humans who were doing the horrifying things to dead girl. Truth be told, the character of JT was more gruesome than the dead girl. The way he had a complete disregard for others just to satisfying his own selfish desires and the lengths and extents to which he would go through just to please himself was quite frankly disgusting.


            The Greek word Splagchnizomai (more often used in the Bible) is to signify the type of compassion one feels when seeing others suffering. More literally the word signifies the turning and churning of the stomach upon seeing something and being moved with pity or in Tagalog, ‘iikot ang sikmura’. Using this word in a more horrifying context however, I really felt the pity for the dead girl after being used as such. Moreover, going beyond the real meaning of the word, the churning of my stomach was caused not just by the sheer pity that I felt for her but the utter disgust I felt for the other characters, the men who raped her over and over and treated her as a sex slave. This was quite unusual however, to feel pity for the supposed antagonist of a horror film. But as it turns out, I guess the overall message of the film was that it was man can be more evil than anything else in the world. Looking back, part from the dead girl’s inability to perish horrible things like this can and do happen in real life and that is what is more horrifying or scary.

             Looking at the film in terms of equilibriums, we see here how horror can definitely be in a way unique in its resolutions. The equilibrium at the end may not necessarily be at par with the beginning, before any of the chaos occurs. As we can see in the film, the ending is definitely something difficult to come into terms with. After the disequilibrium that goes on, we see two points to which it is definitely something different, first, a lot of people died, Rickie’s friends all die, something that can never be taken away. And more importantly, Joann is made into a deadgirl hearself and he keeps her in the same hospital. It’s not hard to see why horror is different from other genres in this regard. The equilibriums set are definitely of a different kind as opposed to the other happy ending types of films. And perhaps that quite adds to the overall experience of watching horror. 


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