Dead Girl

Last Tuesday I watched “Dead Girl” in class. It somehow terrified me because I was shocked with the scenes in the movie. It was about a dead girl that they saw in the old building. They checked the body of the girl and it moved that somehow frightened or shocked them. A lot of questions faced them like “who placed the girl there” or “what happened to the girl and why is she like that”.

As the movie progresses, JT found out that the girl was immortal. He approached Ricky and told him about it and he brought Ricky to the old building again. JT used the gun of Ricky and shot the girl. Ricky got scared because he thought the JT killed the girl but as he saw it, the girl was still moving. That was the moment when JT told Ricky about his plan of making the girl a sex slave.

For me the movie wasn’t really a horror movie that you will get scared. It was a horror movie because you know that there are some people who can do stuff like these. The dead girl in the movie wasn’t really the cause of viewers getting scared or making her the monster. For me the dead girl was the victim of people “monsters” like JT who can do such thing. JT really never stopped raping the girl. At some point he became addicted to it and just stayed there with the girl for a couple of days. These rape scenes really disturbed me because it made me think that if there are “dead girls” out there and people like JT can do things like that, for me that is very disgusting. I really never imagined that kind of scenes or never expected that it was going to happen in the movie.

As the movie was going towards the end, I thought that Ricky could change his friends to become better and stop what they are doing. But again I was shocked in the ending when the Ricky’s dream girl was kidnapped by JT and his other friend and wanted the girl to turn into a “dead girl” like their sex slave. But of course in the end Ricky will see what they have done and got mad at his two friends and even cut off the hand of his other friend. I was shocked when the girl was bitten by JT and soon became a “dead girl”. It really disturbed me when Ricky, who I thought the good guy, hid the girl in the room and even made her dress pretty for her to become a sex slave of Ricky.

So again we can see that it is not the girl who is the monster. It is Ricky who becomes the monster in the end when he turned his dream girl into a slave like the one in the beginning. It somehow saddens me because I thought that Ricky could do the right thing by reporting to the police what happened and somehow let the professionals examine the body of the girl on why they became like that.


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