Monsters Inc.

The film “Cabin in the Woods”, despite being a fun horror film to watch overall, seems to be lacking at conveying the feeling of fear to the viewers.  The film started out with a group of friends going out on a vacation trip to a cabin in a forest. On their way there, on what looks like an abandoned gas station, a weird man starts telling them rumors that there is something strange about the cabin that they would stay at.  At this point, the movie starts to become really scary and the feeling of horror from the film starts to rise. When they arrived at the cabin, they end up playing truth or dare which eventually leads them to the basement. In this part of the film, my feeling of fear was rapidly increasing due to the darkness and the eerie objects scattered around.  They stumble upon an old diary and start to read the terrifying stories of Patience Buckner. When they read the Latin incantation, zombies were shown to rise up from their graves. This scene in the basement, in my opinion, was the scariest part of the entire film. After this scene, the film began to be less and less frightening due to the revelation that humans were behind all of the events. These humans had almost absolute control of majority of the characters, which to me, removes all the thrill from the movie. They have chemicals to manipulate the decisions of people, they have complete control of the surroundings, and they even have a barrier to prevent people from escaping. The zombies and the other creatures seemed to be nothing more than tools for the operation that they are running. It appeared as if the creatures can easily be contained, thus removing any fear that would have come from these creatures. During the scene wherein the main characters were trying to escape using their van, it was apparent to me that they had absolutely no chance of escaping. The humans had too much control of the entire area, making the film a bit boring at times. It became really interesting when they discovered the elevator used by the zombies. At this point, the film, rather than being scary, simply became a gore film with blood almost everywhere. The addition of the human element, for me, was a bit too much since they appeared as the real “monsters”, causing the other monsters to end up as supporting characters in the film. Adding to this, the humans working inside the complex seem to show no fear of the monsters, giving the impression that there is nothing to fear about them. The film, however; is an excellent portrayal of the idea of entrapment. Prior to watching the film, it was discussed in class that horror films revolve around the idea of being trapped. From being trapped in a haunted house to being trapped in an endless loop, horror films show a struggle to escape from this entrapment. In “Cabin in the Woods”, the characters were not only trapped by the barrier and the zombies. They were also trapped in the sense that they became similar to puppets having no freedom even when it comes to thinking and decision making.


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