The Power of Desire

We all have goals and ambitions in life; some may be small, big, attainable, unattainable, short term or long term. No matter what they will be seen as dreams. We are so engrossed in these aspirations that it engraves itself to the depths of our mind. Quoting from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty movie, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”. Subconsciously, even if is a selfish dream, we, undoubtedly, would want the dream to come true but at what cost? Usually we do what is right, knowing that a certain goal would lead to harm we sacrifice this dream for the sake of others. Although, when envy and greed takes over the individual becomes irrational and inevitably his/her subconscious takes over.

                In the beginning of the movie we see the daily activities of a teenager, Ricky and JT being your average teenage boys cutting class, staring at girls and many more. Despite the normality of the scenario, the two seem to want more. Ricky with his obsession with Joann wishes for the day she becomes his and JT with his yearning for excitement wishes for something to happen. With their goals in mind they stumble upon an unusual situation that will eventually turn everything inside out. Their desires predictably intertwine, thus; the lives of Ricky and JT will forever be different – a sense of no turning back.  

                After discovering the dead girl, Ricky being the “kind” person he is tells JT that they should just set her free and call the police but JT knowing that this it is not your average scenario pushes aside Ricky’s opinion and takes advantage of the situation. Thus, with the dead girl in JT’s hand his dream has been answered. Though, Ricky, knowing that keeping and raping this woman [even if dead] goes all against what is right. Despite Ricky’s actions to free this dead girl nonetheless he allows the inhumanity of his best friend to continue. Hence, this not only makes the greed of JT stronger but also the envy of Ricky. This envy was very evident when Ricky, knowing the dead girl’s demeanour, made Brad uses the dead girl’s mouth which led to Brad getting hurt. Eventually, JT figures out the ability of the dead girl and uses it to his benefit. Playing with Ricky’s mind JT uses Joann as form of bait for Ricky to enter his world, knowing well Ricky’s obsession with Joann. However, Ricky’s decision to stay true to his principles has proven nothing in the very end of the movie. With Joann eventually becoming a dead girl, we see Ricky’s true humanity and how one’s ambitions can change a person. Even with an unforeseeable event, in the end, it is still the individual’s decision that alters his or her life.

                Therefore, what makes this already gruesome and animalistic movie even more horrific is the continuation of the life of Ricky. A sense of familiarity comes back to place. He eventually becomes happier because the woman of his dreams is finally in his arms. But he also knows that nothing is what it originally seems. Though it may seem normal he will continue living his life remembering what has occurred. From the familiar [Joanna] to the unfamiliar [dead girl] back again to the familiar [“dead Joann”]. 


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