Rec was a combination of various horror themes that work well in themselves, zombies, a creepy setting that you’re trapped in, a point of view that puts you in the victims’ position, put them all together and you have this horror film that is a thrill ride, and a welcome change from the previously heavy movie, Dead Girl.

When it was announced that Rec would be the next film to be screened, I was shocked to see so much of the class excited, maybe because they’ve seen it before or have heard good things about it, anyway, it got me very excited. I initially thought that the title was Wreck, and I was expecting a sort of disaster movie or a monster movie sort of like Cloverfield, because of the camera effect used in the film. Watching Rec was like being in those amusement parks where you have these haunted houses and you have to pull yourself together to get out, but in their case, there was no exit. There’s this feeling of impending doom that got even me stressed by the fact that these people were trapped in this apartment complex.  That first appearance of the infected, with the effect of the narrow hallway leading up to that open space in the room, it was very tense, add to that the creepy look of the old woman.

Analyzing it though, there is really nothing new that is brought up here. You have the general setting of most horror movies, trapped in a certain environment, then you have these infected people who have the capacity to be like zombies and infect other people. Though there is not much new to the components of the movie, the presentation of everything was just great. The tension throughout, the horror in the eyes of the people trapped, it was felt by the viewers. I guess that’s what I love about horror movies, unlike in action movies, where you have the same set-up everytime, this bad guys takes the girl of this retired spy, and in the next movie the bad guy takes the spy instead, it is repetitive. With horror film, despite the same aspects seen in different movies, the emotion that is brought about by the different movies, the horror, is still refreshing everytime. I remembered the scene where i jumped off my seat was when the fireman feel from the staircase with a loud thud, I searched about the facts about Rec and it said that even the actors didn’t know that there would be a person falling from the stairwell. The horror I imagine that the actors had at that time, was similar to what the viewers felt, and in some way shows how horror film, despite having same themes, and styles, still have a couple of tricks up its sleeve to surprise you and make you jump out of your seat.

I loved Rec because I really felt genuine horror, maybe not for myself, but for the victims in the movie. With it being a sort of documentary styled movie, you get to think that these are real people trapped in this horrific tragedy that is unfolding before their eyes. There were shocks, there were creepy kids, and scary Asians, but in the end, after the title of the movie finally appears, Rec leaves a lasting impression on you. On my way to the car, I can’t help but imagine, what it would feel like if I was the one in that position, trapped, in a scary apartment complex, it was an enjoyable kind of stress, and now I understand the very positive reaction from my classmates before the movie.


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