Nights with the Living Dead Girl

Before the film started, it was said that Dead Girl won’t be a very likeable movie, and looking back, it really does its best to make you not like it. Discussing with a friend before the start of the movie I said, “I bet it’s something about necrophilia!” I guess i should be thankful that it’s technically not, but it still deals with some very gruesome topics of discussion. No matter how weird you and your friends are, these sort of things naturally won’t pop up in conversation. “Ok, what ifffff.. you find a zombie girl that’s handcuffed in an abandoned hospital, naked, what would you do?” That’s really the first time I’ve ever typed that sentence in my life, and still faced with this issue throughout the movie, you wonder, how could these boys do these things?

As most people have mentioned, I believe the horror isn’t just in the fact that there’s a zombie that can infect other people by biting them but when someone engages in sexual intercourse with it it’s all fine and dandy, the horror lies in the reality that there is a possibility that somewhere something as crazy as this, something as gruesome as this is happening. Man, with all his achievements and with all the opportunities around him still isn’t content, there are still those few who are tempted to doing these gruesome things. You see pointless killings, cases of rape, robbery, and you wonder how these people can do these things? In Dead Girl, you have these desperate guys, mesmerized by this creature that they discovered. Being a man, I understand that they do have needs, some urges, after all they are human, and I guess the repression couldn’t be contained anymore by JT and Wheeler, with Rickie doing his best not to let his other friends see what is boiling inside of him as well. I’m not really sure what the movie is trying to be, if it’s trying to have this deep social context in it, or is it really just a crazy horror film, and it’s just the viewer that finds the movie, somewhat so real, which makes it that much more horrifying.

What gets me everytime I watch a horror movie is some missing plot points, and I know from experience that I shouldn’t expect much, but still, not being a regular horror movie viewer, I get caught up in looking at the plot points that weren’t explained fully, like the girl in the gas station, it seemed so random that she would out power two guys, and the disappearance of the infected, but thankfully clarified again in class, horror film is not really the best place to evaluate plot. What was said about not explaining key points in horror films, I thought that it worked well in Dead Girl, yup there’s this zombie, we don’t need to know where she came from, she’s just there. I think looking back, in The Cabin in the Woods, it is a bit corny when the whole thing was explained, sacrificing to please the old Gods, but if you look at it as a tongue-in-cheek horror nudge than a serious plot point then it’s not so bad.
In the end, Dead Girl was a pretty bitter pill to swallow, but still, a pill that, with all the rape, blood, intestines, and cliche high school students, does bring in a scary thought for the viewer. It’s not the monster that we should be afraid of, it’s the capacity of the human being to do evil. One of the parting shots of the movie was the dead girl running away in the fields; I thought that it was such a telling symbolism of how the monster, yes she did eat up those who abused her, but still, running away from what happened, far from those that did horrible things to her, comparing it to how the guys treated her, it’s as if she was more afraid of them than they were of her.


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