Dead girl, dead conscience

I was appalled by the movie Deadgirl because I could not believe a director, producers, actors and especially writers would agree to put their name on the line for such a despicable story but then again, the horror industry has to look for new concepts to shock its persistent fans. To be honest, this is not really the most disturbing movie I watched. The Human Centipede 2 really breaks the barrier in terms of completely grossing out viewers but what makes Deadgirl more horrifying for me is the dangerous message it portrays to young viewers. It goes without saying, but this movie should not be viewed by anyone below 18 because the characters are very relatable with today’s youth. I think there will never be a time when teenagers would be able to completely control their hormonal urges. These urges are either repressed or acted upon as portrayed by the characters of Rickie and JT in the movie. With the rise of Feminism and other equality rights, the social structure today effectively blurs the role of male and females in society. An offshoot of this is the misconception of what are the typical qualities an individual should possess to be called a man. Males who do not have these qualities are often alienated. The movie makes a clear point of this although the actors who portrayed the losers looked so muscular and would not stand out in a Twilight movie.

As discussed in class, this is the equilibrium of the movie but once the dead girl is thrown into the picture, everything changes. At this point, JT, the character who acts according to his feelings expresses delight in finally finding a way of  releasing his sexual tension and as for Rickie; he acts like a normal human being with a conscience. He increasingly grows frustrated as the movie progresses because his childhood crush, Joann ignores him in favor of her jock boyfriend. Although lust is the prevalent theme of the movie, the fact that the girl the boys discovered is not human anymore makes the theme more obvious as she is objectified more than what was necessary. Rickie seems to be the guy to root for as he continually rebuffs JT’s invitations to have sex with the dead girl in favor of the more normal “girlfriend experience”. In climax of the scene where Rickie was caught trying to saving Joann from becoming the next dead girl, he is finally confronted by JT who tells him Joann “would never go for guys like us” and that dead girls are the best that they are going to get.  The next few scenes were unclear so I had to research what happened. It turns out; Joann was not dying from a bite from the dead girl. Instead she was just stabbed by JT. Rickie actually had a choice of letting Joann die or be bitten by a now infected JT to become the new dead girl. From the ending, it is clear that Rickie had finally agreed to JT’s views, although he treats the dead Joann with more respect. All in all the movie was more gory than horrifying but the most terrifying part for me was the ending because Rickie was able to return to a state of familiarity after everything that had happened.


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