Thoughts about “Deadgirl” a.k.a best movie ever

Just kidding at the a.k.a, haha. Sir Ty was right in mentioning that a lot of people might not enjoy this film, because it’s part icky and part disturbing. But, sir was also right in mentioning that you can still appreciate it even if it touches on some very sensitive issues.

“What would you do?”. I think that moral allegories are usually the ones that give horror films their disturbing element compared to psychological horrors or fantastic things because I believe that it is the one that connects most to the viewer personally. JT as a psychological horror surely is scary considering people like him exist in real life. Deadgirl as a fantastic…erm…dead girl is also scary considering she’s a hostile mystery. But, I guess at the end of the day nothing’s more scarier and harder to talk about than the questions begged from the symbolism of the hospital and the dead girl combined.

It’s not about asking yourself what you would do when you accidentally meet a hostile undying girl chained to a bed on a secret tunnel beneath an abandoned hospital, the question is a classic one asked from us since grade school religion class. If nobody is there is to see you, if nobody can catch you or apprehend you, would you still do the right thing? It’s easy to say yes, but we all know that it’s a lot harder to act upon it. I don’t want to say that we will, but rather we can turn out to be like Ricky (not JT because he’s just a fucked-up *bleep*, unless we are too). I mean, sometimes we can do the wrong things because of things like “He/She is my friend/family/bro/girl/etc” etc. Maybe you’ve experienced allowing someone to cheat or cheating yourself on a test when the teacher went out of the room or was not looking. You know, things like that.

I liked Deadgirl mostly because it’s a new story and it’s an interesting one at that. You have a main character, Ricky, who I think is a pretty nice and cool guy, it’s just that JT is a bad influence on him. We never got to know JT more, we only know what he is but not what he was. It was early in the film when JT punched Ricky when I went “wtf?”. I think that JT is a classic villain: he’s just bad for some unknown reason. Ricky on the other hand, is a complex character. He struggles with what’s right and he tries to do it but he usually fails, and in the end he gives in to his desire to have Joanne all to himself. Mix them together and you usually get a movie with a bad ending. There are no heroes in this film, only an interesting mix of characters where all are a bit off. I just want to say that I didn’t think that Ricky fantasized about Joanne and the dead girl when he drifted off, rather he fantasized about Joanne but at the same time had a nightmare about the dead girl. For me it made more sense that way considering he adores Joanne and never tried to even touch the dead girl (he even tried to set her free).

Since a lot of the talks about Deadgirl revolve around the males of the story and how bad males can be (it can probably even be a statement about males), I’ll talk about the females instead. So basically we have 4 females: the dead girl, Joanne, the one at the gas station, and Ricky’s mom. So the dead girl is your literal monster with a heart, like Frankenstein. She’s deadly, but she just wants to be free and later on we’re shown that she’s smart and can distinguish the assholes who deserve her bite. Joanne is your classic damsel in distress. She’s nice and she’s just minding her own business then bam – kidnapped. We never know more about her just like JT. The one at the gas station and Ricky’s mom reminds me more about feminists for some reason. I think that they’re the kind that are strong and independent and can take care of themselves. Things could turn out better with them around as we can see with the comparison of the one at the gas station’s presence and Ricky’s mom’s absence. The females in the story are flawed too, though not as worse as the males methinks. You have a deadgirl whose just deadly, you have Joanne whose said to go less for personality and more for looks and other stuff, you have a gas station macho girl whose strong, sure, but doesn’t really care and just leaves and without calling for help or police or something, and you have Ricky’s mom whose a workaholic and isn’t there to guide her son. All-in-all, it’s probably even a socioeconomic thing like what my other classmate said. It’s a province, everyone’s not really well-off so it affects everyone in a not nice way, you know stuff like that which I’m not prepared to talk about yet.


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