The best horror films are extremely unlikeable, and if that’s the case, then Deadgirl must be among the best, even if it didn’t feel like it.

I honestly didn’t find anything to like in Deadgirl. When it was over, I thought it was so appallingly bad that I thought it must’ve been all a joke, that it was probably satirical or something. I was looking for something that would redeem the movie, maybe some sort of explanation or something, but there was nothing. Before watching the movie, the class was warned about how this would be a disturbing movie. I had seen A Serbian Film before, and I thought it would be something like that…a creepy, disturbing movie that leaves you with a horror you can’t seem to rub off your skin. Maybe I had set my expectations too “high” (or low?) for this movie, and so I was a bit disappointed.

This is another movie that had left a lot of questions unanswered, such as the origin of the original Deadgirl, and what happened to her once she ran off in the end. The supposed deaths of the other characters were also just left hanging, and no one ever seemed to come forward to even wonder what on earth happened to those kids. It may have been all intentional, but to me, it kinda just felt like gaping open plot holes from the first draft of the script. I guess it did have a promising, but shaky, start, but meh, the ending was just…uhm, okay, that’s it? It’s one of those horror movies with an “oh no, it’s not over!” ending, but it wasn’t that unsettling.

The two leads, JT and Rickie, are so unbelievably childish, or just hyperaware of the fact that they won’t get anywhere so they just settled for what they had, for what was already there. JT just made the most of the fact that there was a girl he can fuck any time he pleased, and that he never had to pay for dinners and whatnot before doing so. Rickie, on the other hand, seemed to have a much better working moral compass, refusing to stoop to that level, but in the end, he also ends up fucking a deadgirl…but hey, at least it was his dream girl. Deadgirl is quite creepy and disturbing, I honestly do not understand how JT could’ve possibly seen her as hot and, for lack of a better term, fuckable. I mean, who sees a zombie-like creature, and thinks, “hey, it’s tied up, maybe we could have sex with it!”? Deadgirl really does look like the stuff of horror movies, and I thought that she would have a much better role, and I was excited when she managed to break free but we never get to see her again. She was just an object…an almost literal objectification of women. The guys in the movie all take advantage of the deadgirl, be it the original one or the new one as in Rickie’s case. It can be funny and ridiculous at times, but laughing feels so wrong due to the disturbing things that they were all doing to her. I still don’t think that Deadgirl is a good movie (and perhaps it succeeds in that way) but it is certainly good at unsettling you when it starts tugging at all the wrong strings, making you think of things you don’t want to think of.


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