The Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods was really quite fun to watch…and this is coming from someone who isn’t a horror movie fan. I was talking to a friend who wasn’t part of the class that this was the next movie we were going to see, and he was all praises for it. He said that it was the deconstruction of a horror film. Indeed it was, taking apart what horror films are and putting it all back together in this ridiculously fun movie. Yeah, I really had fun watching this. Not being a true blue horror fan though, I think I missed out on a lot more.

The first scene was a bit weird for me, since I was expecting a forest-y or at the very least country scenes. Truth be told, I was a bit slow in catching on what those lab scenes were all about. But I appreciated these scenes since they were a break from the obviously scary parts of the movie that follow the five friends. The parts with the friends were so typical of horror movies and thus so predictable, but I still got spooked at times. I found it quite interesting that they were actually the explanation for all the weird things happening to the group. It was different from Triangle, which had no explanation whatsoever for the strange events. I thought at first that they were just filming some sort of twisted version of Big Brother, since they were showing numerous versions all around the world (and Japan’s had little girls! How do they fulfill the archetypes?!?). I thought that that was it, it was just about humans being the real monsters. But lo, there’s another twist! These guys who cheer whenever someone dies a gruesome death in the hands of the undead are actually trying to save the world!

Horror movie endings are, as discussed in class, both happy and sad. These movies disturb the equilibrium, and at the end, this equilibrium may or may not be restored, but this equilibrium will never be quite the same as the old one. The monsters may be gone, but you will always have to deal with the fact that there are monsters. In Cabin in the Woods, however, there isn’t really that sense…it just ends. It isn’t a happy ending, since the world ends. So, I guess it’s a sad ending, but in a way, it’s alright because there’s nothing to terrorize, no one to scare, no one to be scared. The ending of the movie doesn’t make it seem like it’s something that’s already happened (because hey, the world’s still around), which I personally think is how most horror movies get to me. The equilibrium is still undisturbed, for the most part.

But what if that program (or whatever you should call it) is ongoing right now, and the deadline is December 21? Maybe the previous ones had been sucessful after all, and that’s why the world hasn’t ended yet. The next deadline is coming up, and hopefully, the Fool isn’t immune to the mind-control stuff. Well, I just hope then that I don’t get selected for that…and I will avoid outings where we’re only five like the plague.


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