An Eventful Night

After 3 movies full of underlying statements and imagery, REC was a pleasant surprise for me because of the relative straight-forwardness of the story. The plot was simple compared to the previous movies we watched in class but the simplicity of it did not reduce the level of fear it inspired. In fact, this was the scariest movie I have seen in class so far because from the get-go, viewers are given the mechanics of the story; you are trapped in a building with infected people and if you are bitten, you become one of them and as more people are infected, the more minimal your chances of survival. For me, understanding what you are watching makes the horror more prominent as opposed to the statement “People fear what they do not understand”. I think this only works in real life. Honestly, the general emotion I had for all the previous movies as I was watched them in class was a mix of puzzlement and incredulity because the plots had so many holes that the movies fall apart because of it.

My main point of annoyance with Triangle was the obscurity of the story even to the viewers. Cabin in the Woods explains everything but the story itself is something you would laugh about once you finish it. In Deadgirl, aside from it being a torture film, did not explain how there was a dead girl locked inside an abandoned hospital room and why the characters were so stupid. Do not get me wrong, the messages these movies were trying to say were great. I am just attacking the plot of the movies themselves. As discussed in class, the plot of a horror film does not have to make sense but come on; the writers have to at least make it believable. In REC, there is an unknown virus that makes people infected with it act aggressively and will bite other people, period. It remains unclear how the virus came to be but it did not hinder the storyline from progressing, which is why during the whole movie, I did not waste any time trying to figure out why this or that happened. My sentiment of doubt from the previous films was replaced with genuine horror. The movie’s filming style was also a big factor in terrifying me because it was as if you are also trapped with the characters. I am not really a big fan of recent documentary movies like the Paranormal Activity franchise because producers are just taking advantage of the popularity and low production costs of these types of movies. Just because the production is cheap does not mean the quality of the story should be the same. But REC really works for me because it is really a straight-up horror film without clichéd scare tactics. This is so far the best viewing experience I had for this class.  


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