Horror Film 3: Dead Girl of Doom

If the dead refused to stay dead what goodness can that bring? If people that have passed stayed behind how would that affect our lives? The living dead theme is something that boggled the minds of people and would spur different emotions. Seeing a dead person acting “alive” would surely shock somebody down to the very core.

The film, Dead Girl, focuses on such a concept. From the title itself, I was watching out how a Dead Girl would pose to be frightening. I initially thought it would be a supernatural ghost type of horror since that’s where dead girls frighten us the most. But seeing it to be an American film, I looked at other ideas. The film begins with normal highschool students minding their own business. The scenes soon pan to our great hero and his best friend who then decides to play hooky. They then go to an abandoned hospital and thrashes the place while drinking some alcohol. After talking about scary stuff while consuming their last few cans, they decide to go to the tunnels of the hospital which was really spooky. In the tunnel, they get chased around by a guard dog who seemed out of place. They soon try to find a way out without meeting the dog again. This is where they chance upon the plot device of the film. It came panning out in front of the screen lying harmlessly on a bed, restrained and all. A dead girl. On a bed. Naked. How horrifying can a chained plus immobile being be? The movie progresses and we learn that the naked chick is a zombie. That’s kinda scary if you think about it. But for the bestfriend of our great hero, this girl’s going to be a hole to bust through day and night. I thought to myself, what an imbecile. Dead people should be respected while Zombies should be decapitated. The movie revolves around the existence of this zombie chick getting banged while our characters(mostly the hero), cause trouble to the humble solitude of this chick. Things get a little crazy everytime a person tries to free the chick or someone new finds out about the chick. The grand highlight of the film is when they learn how the zombification works and they try to make more zombie chicks. Things go crazy as our sexy beast gets loose and wrecks the joint. In the end the dead girl runs wild and free into the lands of America while our hero suddenly indulges in the sick practices of his majestic bestfriend, all because his the girl he likes got turned into the new dead girl.

The movie presents a great example of the impact of horror situation in a film. Film genres usually occur with a sequence of normal-notnormal-normal. The sequence shows the hero in a normal situation followed by something unexpected or amazing that changes everything in his life and when the conflict is over it goes back to how things were. But for the horror genre this sequence would prove to be quite improbable. As horror movies tend to destroy the people’s life and try to mend back its broken bits afterwards for a peaceful closure. For Dead Girl, we get that exact formula. We have normal high schoolers passing their days in the confines of the school and frolicking in the fields afterwards. Then they encounter the dead girl, get jiggy with it. Incredible stuff happen like disappearing nards, exploding butts, wrestling with strippers and ultimately dead people. The movie then ends off with the hero reliving the happiness and serenity of the first scenes sharing fun times with his girl. The movie ends with the feel good scenario of the beginning of the film. But then again, a lot has changed and everything is not really back to normal. He has two of his friends dead, as well as two jocks. He’s got a dead chick to play around with. And America’s got a zombie chick running around its vast lands.

In totality, it wasn’t really a bad film but its contents were truly despicable. It has its charms too, like Noah Sagan’s amazing acting. But in the end the movie got me real bad and I found it totally unlikeable. I also tried looking up the actress who played the dead girl and she is gorgeous and all but everytime I look at her pictures I remember the dead girl biting at the screen.



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