I see the movie Rec just okay for me. It is somehow okay because I see the plot (series of events in the movie) somewhat a factor in terrifying the audiences. At first, it was just a typical night for the firemen. But then the fear of the unknown presented itself when they saw the old lady having weird movements and when the group of people was trapped in the building by the police without any explanation or whatsoever. For me this is also the downside of the movie for that it is somehow obvious in that time that the movie tackles the horror of zombies. Also the fear of being trapped was also seen in the movie. In the movie, the group of people was forced to stay in the apartment due to the scare that the mutated virus might spread. This event was very horrifying for me because it brings me the idea of knowing that you are totally doomed; there is no way out of the situation. 

Another good point in the movie was that it was presented in a way that the audience is like part of the movie itself. Through seeing in the lens of the video camera, the effect to me is like I am one of the members of the group struggling to find out the solution to the horror happening in the building. But for me there is a downside in using this point of view as a way in presenting the movie to the people. While I was watching I got dizzy due to the rotating angles by the video camera when Pablo was running. This is the factor why I did not enjoy the movie so much, instead of seeing the whole movie there were parts that I stopped watching due to the headache I am having while watching. Another downside for me is that the movie presented similar reasons on how zombies were created. Typically in other horror movies presenting zombies, these monsters were created through mutated viruses done by scientists that were then passed on to other organisms such as rats. This similar storyline can be seen in the movie “REC” in which the zombies were created through a mutated virus that was observed by a European living in the penthouse of the apartment. The mutated virus was then acquired by a dog which led to the spreading of the virus to humans in the apartment.  

Overall, I was terrified in the movie because of the surprising events that happened in the movie. Also the mere thought of me being part of the group of people trapped in the building gives me a great scare. I just suggest that when seeing this movie try not to associate it with other zombie movies so that the movie can be more appreciated. 


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