Behind a Façade

We have learned throughout history that for human kind to be in order certain systems and groups must be implemented. Without specific rules and regulations, man tends to abuse his/her surroundings. Hence, certain institutions [such as the government and religion] were created. The government, as we all know, controls the ‘peace’ and ‘order’ of society. It makes implements and removes laws whichever may seem ‘best’ for the country. Meanwhile religion, to my belief, is an invention of man to explain circumstances which, we, man himself cannot comprehend. It has become a need to believe that there is a supreme being that watches and guides over us. The understanding that there is this ‘One’ being, who has created us in his image and likeness, has brought man to act upon acts of kindness rather man is good because ‘God’ is good. In Rec we see the interplay and divide of religion and the government. Behind what these institutions initially portray, we see the hidden aspects [their secrets] and what they are truly capable of.
In the opening of the movie we see Jennifer and Pablo interviewing and showing the lives of fireman. Here we see media, as portrayed by Jennifer and Pablo, playing an active role in society – giving out relevant and substantial information. While the firemen, signifying hope in desperate situations, are your average citizens who go beyond their way to help other people in need. In the middle of the movie these firemen are also accompanied by police officers [protectors of the law], doctors [healers of society], and scientists [innovators of the future]. All these individuals, one way or another, seek the same goal – the betterment of civilization. Each person has given up a portion of their life to the belief of that ambition. But all is lost once turmoil enters into the picture. We then see the action taken by the government once it has hold of the news of threat of disorder [the disease]. The quarantine of the people, even if a great number are innocent, characterizes the reaction of the government to the unexplainable. It symbolizes how it would sacrifice guiltless citizens for the ‘wellbeing’ of the society in order to maintain the image of power and stability. Knowing well of the circumstances they still forego such actions and hide what is truly happening. With that they leave the innocent to fend for themselves. They are then left to kill all these people who seem to one by one into animalistic zombies leaving Jennifer and Pablo as the remaining two survivors. In the end, the discovery of this virus of some sorts all leads up to religion. The experimentation and obsession on the idea of possession has blown out of proportion. This brings one to ponder and question why all the chaos boils down to the one institution that conveys peace, love, and hope. But in end, even with the discovery of everything the only people who may have had the chance to pass on this information eventually die. The whole movie is an irony in itself.
In conclusion the movie focuses on truth. The media, which aims to relay information, is one of our main sources of fact. This movie is a depiction of the fate of journalists, reporters and writes who cross lines to seek the truth; hence, the title Rec. But the truth is eventually silenced by the power and influence of these institutions. With that, horror movies do not just focus on how it elicits fear and horror. It doesn’t only focus on the dread of the unknown, mysterious and gruesome. It not only wishes for these feelings to come out but it uses them to open our eyes to the bigger picture of society.


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