Dead Girl

Moments before showing the film Deadgirl in class, we were warned that Deadgirl is not really likeable film. To me, it meant that the film might have terrible actors, a boring plot, or perhaps an ineffective scare technique; in short, I thought that it might be a poorly made film. With this in mind, we began to watch the film. The film began with two friends in school, whom eventually ended up going to an abandoned hospital. They stumble upon a naked girl chained to a table who still seems to be alive. At this point, JT and Rickie started to argue on what to do with the girl. Rickie wanted to call the cops while JT wanted to keep the girl there for them to rape. Rickie, disagreeing with JT, leaves JT with the girl. The next day, he is confronted by JT leading him to discover that the girl is somehow undead and cannot be killed. It was at this scene that I began to realize what the description not likeable really meant. It was not a likeable film not because it was a poorly produced film, but because it was very disturbing. Upon learning that the girl is undead, a zombie, JT still continued having sexual intercourse with the girl. I do not understand why JT still continues with that even if he has already “killed” the girl three times. After some time, Wheeler joins in and also has sex with the girl. Johnny also finds out about the girl and for some reason, he was convinced by JT and Rickie to perform oral sex with the girl. It seems if the characters in the film are easily convinced by JT to tolerate the undead girl. Rickie, whom continuously goes against JT, keeps on tolerating JT after having a few words with JT. Wheeler, without hesitation, joins after JT tells him about the girl. Johnny has oral sex with the girl after being provoked by both JT and Rickie, which would eventually lead to having Johnny bitten and infected by the girl. JT and Wheeler learn that it is infectious, and instead of being more cautious, they decided to find a nice girl to infect for them to have a new “dead girl”. This, in my opinion, is the most deranged part of the film. They chose to infect, and in the process kill another person just to satisfy their sexual cravings. Towards the end, when the dead girl escapes, Joann gets infected and becomes the new dead girl. Rickie ends up similar to JT, being beside Joann, the new dead girl, all of the time. There were many scenes from the start until the end wherein, in my head, I was screaming “What the hell are they thinking? Are they crazy?” because of the ignorance and stupidity of JT, Rickie and Wheeler. Rather than focusing on the film, I was annoyed, irritated and disturbed majority of the time, and for these reasons, I dislike the film Deadgirl.


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