Demons and Zombies: An Unlikely Combination

REC is probably my favorite zombie movie. I mentioned it as one of my favorite horror films while filling in the Sir Ty’s info sheet. This is probably the third time I’ve seen it. I’ve seen at least ten or more zombie films, and I have got to say this is my favorite. The zombie movie genre is something that I do enjoy. I think it has something to do with a zombie apocalypse being my worst fear or something. I had spent too much time as a child, sitting beside my cousin while he played “Resident Evil”. Watching each film kind of desensitizes me to the fear of a zombie apocalypse. I feel like I’d be more prepared to handle zombies after each film. But after watching REC, I didn’t feel like that at all. I felt more disturbed.

REC is the only zombie movie that truly haunted me at least a couple of days after watching it. The first time I saw what I’d like to call “The Penthouse Zombie Boss”, the mere image of her in my head scared me. I don’t want to even recall what she looked like. This is one of the things that really made REC stand out from the rest of the zombie movies out there. The unexpected, unique twist of the ending creates a sort of bridge between genres. This movie, by the end, is no longer just a sort of sci-fi movie about a zombie disease outbreak but it becomes something that also involves supernatural forces. This actually creeps me out more because the problem no longer becomes a semi-explainable, semi-controllable situation. In comparison to the supernatural, a deadly disease that turns people into monsters seems like a situation that one can more or less keep under control. What could be scarier than a zombie outbreak? Well, the answer is a zombie outbreak caused by demonic possession. There are no longer limits to what the “disease” can do. We are left to wonder what else could possibly happen. It is something supernatural so it can transcend the laws of biology or physics. A zombie outbreak is scary enough on its own. Now if you add a demon that can make the uncontrollable even more unstoppable, all hell will break loose (Pun not intended). Diseases and contagion are something that people know how to deal with. The supernatural is a whole other thing all together. We do not know anything about the supernatural. It is something way beyond our knowledge and our control. It brings the horror factor of this movie to another level all together.

I may be focusing too much on the movie’s ending but for me this was really what sets it apart from other films. Though some early zombie movies also use the supernatural as their cause, they are mostly about curses or voodoo magic. Sometimes these curses can even be broken. It’s just something that unfortunately befalls the main characters. But a zombie outbreak caused by something that intentionally wants to wreak havoc on innocent people is a whole different take on the genre. Involving the war between heaven and hell into the whole zombie equation, and also taking into account the awesome mockumentary style of shooting and incredible plot; I would like to think that REC revolutionized the zombie movie genre.


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