Last week, the film we watched was entitled “REC”, this was the original of the remake “Quarantine.” This is one of the movies I actually enjoyed in class so far. I’m a huge fan of zombie films. I simply don’t get tired of it.

The movie was in a form of documentary, where there was a newscaster and a cameraman who were trying to make an exclusive story about the life of firemen and how they respond to emergencies. But it ended up as a documentary about what was going on in the building. I liked that it was in a documentary form because it made it more exciting. It made it seemed more realistic because we were seeing through the eyes of the cameraman. This also gave a scare factor to it because unlike the regular movies where as you can sometimes predict what was going to happen because you are able to see the entire picture of events, this documentary-like film gives the audience that element of surprise.

What I liked in this movie was that it gave an answer about why there were zombie-like people in the building. It did not leave me with questions like how or why such things in the movie came to be like in the movies “Land of The Dead”, “Dawn of The Dead”, and the like. The plot of the movie begins with some infectious disease that most likely infected those who lived in the building. This was the result of a scientist’s experiment gone wrong. As the disease began to spread through out the building, officials begin locking the building leaving many tenants inside, as they were afraid that the disease would spread further.

The main part of the movie started in the building where the fire department responded. The building looks abandoned and dark. As they entered the room they found an old woman who acted weird and attacked one of them. Later on the newscaster, cameraman and the tenants were locked in and could not find a way out. They tried finding ways to go out but the building was really secured and no one was allowed to go out. More and more people were infected resulting to more people becoming zombies. The people who were not infected were just running around the building finding places where they can hide to avoid zombies. At the end it was just the cameraman and the news reporter who were not infected. They found a place where they saw things and learned how the virus started. But at the end both of them were attacked by the “zombie-scientist’’ in the attic and both of them died.

I found the movie to be very startling because there are many scenes where you would simply jump up from your seat. The camera angles of this movie was really good because it often makes you tense up as you expect zombies to suddenly show up and attack from nowhere. It can be so unpredictable that sometimes you would just want to close your eyes hoping to reach a scene where there weren’t any scary parts that would give you a mini heart attack.

All I can say is that I really like these kinds of movies where viewers really get scared and really scream because of the scenes happening. This is a type of movie that has a very simple plot and set but very effective in scaring people.


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