Deadgirl: Equilibrium and Disequilibrium

“Deadgirl” is a horror film where two high school teenagers, Rickie and J.T., decide to skip school only to discover a naked undead woman chained to a table in the basement of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. In my opinion, I think that this is the type of movie that one will either enjoy watching or not. In my case, if I have to be really honest, I did not enjoy anything about the film. It’s definitely not the type of film I am going to watch all over again. Our professor even warned us beforehand that we were not going to have a pleasant lunch after watching the movie since it was going to be very icky and I am afraid he was right. I thought it was one of those gory and bloody zombie slasher films but I was completely misguided. It was undoubtedly one of the most, if not, disturbing, twisted and vulgar films I have ever watched. There are just too many unfavourable words to describe the film and for this reason, the movie was actually not widely released in theatres worldwide and most of the students in class were expected to be unfamiliar with it.

As what was discussed in class, most horror films ought to involve an equilibrium-disequilibrium-equilibrium cycle. Obviously, “Deadgirl” initially started in equilibrium by way of an empty classroom just to give the viewers a feeling of horror. It was also important to consider that Rickie was madly in love with his object of desire, JoAnn, who already has a boyfriend. Everything turns upside down and the said equilibrium is disturbed once Rickie and J.T. stumble upon a dead naked girl covered in plastic in an abandoned hospital. To their surprise, the girl wasn’t actually dead and worse, she can’t really be killed no matter what. Knowing this, I assumed that she was a zombie of some sort. Although horror is considered a peculiar pleasure, I was admittedly unexcited about the uncertainty of events, not knowing what happens next in the movie. I was undeniably waiting for something exhilarating and horrifying to happen.

Throughout the film, rather than feeling both terrified and fascinated, I was completely grossed out by the fact that J.T and his friend Wheeler instead had sex with the undead woman. Up until now, I could not comprehend why they preferred to have sex with the woman instead of alerting the local authorities. Being a case of necrophilia, I can say that such an inhuman act was the result of their desperation to have sex. In the situation of Rickie, he kept going back to the abandoned hospital and he even pictured himself having sex with JoAnn since it was already impossible for him to go out with her. The instances when the dead girl was raped showed one factor of machismo, the explicit objectification of women. The film evidently portrayed women having a secondary role as compared to men in the society. As a result of the intense sexual imagery, I had a hard time trying to appreciate or enjoy the horror experience. In the end, the film still left me with several unanswered questions such as where the woman came from and how she came about. I also believe that there is a valuable lesson we could all learn from the film: to be happy, contented and thankful for what you have in life.


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